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A More Serious Review of Voxel HP, Resistance, Weight, Timing and Textures

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Disclaimer: I know that MMOs are ones where everything is requiring constant balancing however, this is to point out an overwhelmingly obvious imbalance in the game that needs to be addressed soonish.


After taking some hours to review some of the voxel I noticed something very problematic.

T-5 Voxel overall, is not worth even bothering to use on ships.


(Side Note)

As far as design is goes, The only Textures that are easy to use for looks are:

Gold Panel/Painted

Niobium Painted/Panel

Manganese Panel/Painted


Now back to the Voxel HP

It's understandable that the supposed market that NQ would want players to create would be created based on items made, the time it takes the make them, the ore required to make them and how long it took to get and refine said ore. However, when it comes to PVP or even the PvE aspect of the game voxels are horribly imbalanced and totally useless to even sell on the market. I'll first dive into the PVP aspect of Voxel's HP, Resistances, Rough estimated time to mine raw ore. Time to refine ore into Pure.



For PVP: Voxel HP and the issues that currently exist

After running the numbers I've found that basically all T5 voxel (pures AND products) are just about the worst thing you can chase after for ship defense.


I'll start by breaking down a T3 Voxel (Silver) and a T2 Voxel Copper and compare it to Manganese and Vanadium (Both T-5 voxels):



image.png.3a2755e4bcef4a51c5a3450e5a5ea371.png               image.png.1eb45d1d37594f3debc138ca72b2c9c1.pngimage.png


HP against the different damage:


           Silver (T-3 Voxel)                                 Manganese (T-5 Voxel)                                                  Vanadium (T-5 Voxel)                                    Copper (T-2 Voxel)

         (Antimatter Res.)                                                         (Antimatter Res.)                                                                                (Antimatter Res.)                                                                (Antimatter Res.)

6713 * 0.25 = 1678.25                                   4614.00 * 0.30 = 1384.2                                                     3840 * 0.35 = 1344                                          5734 * 0.20 = 1146.8

1678.25 + 6713 = 8391.25                           1384.2 + 4614 = 5998.2                                                     1344 + 3840 = 5184                                        1146.8 + 5734 = 6880.8

8391.25 HP against AM dmg.                    5998.2 HP against AM dmg.                                              5184 HP against AM dmg.                      6880.8 HP against AM dmg.

            (EM Res)                                                                            (EM Res)                                                                                                          (EM Res)                                                                  (EM Res)

6713 * 0.15 = 1006.95                                 4614.00 * 0.30 = 1384.2                                                         3840 * 0.25 = 960                                         5734 * 0.1 = 573.4

1006.95 + 6713 = 7719.95                         1384.2 + 4614 = 5998.2                                                         960 + 3840 = 4800                                      573.4 + 5734 = 6307.4

7719.95 HP against EM dmg.                    5998.2 HP against EM dmg.                                              4800  HP against AM dmg.                    6307.4 HP against EM dmg.

          (Kinetic)                                                                                 (Kinetic)                                                                                                           (Kinetic)                                                                      (Kinetic)    

6713 * 0.20 = 1342.6                                  4614.00 * 0.35 = 1614.9                                                           3840 * 0.30 =1152                                       5734 * 0.15 = 860.1

1342.6 + 6713 = 8055.6                             1614.9 + 4614 = 6228.8                                                            1152 + 3840 = 4992                              860.1 +5734 = 6594.1

8055.6 HP against Kinetic dmg                    6228.9 HP against Kinetic dmg                                            4992 HP against AM dmg.                  6594.1 HP against Kinetic dmg

         (Thermic)                                                                            (Thermic)                                                                                                         (Thermic)                                                                       (Thermic)  

6713 * 0.20 = 1342.6                                4614.00 * 0.25 = 1153.5                                                         3840 * 0.30 =1152                                            5734 * 0.15 = 860.1

1342.6 + 6713 = 8055.6                          1153.5 + 4614 = 5767.5                                                          1152 + 3840 = 4992                                   860.1 +5734 = 6594.1

8055.6 HP against Thermic dmg.           5767.5 HP against Thermic dmg.                                       4992 HP against AM dmg.                   6594.1 HP against Thermic dmg.



         Silver (T-3 Voxel)                                Manganese (T-5 Voxel)                                               Vanadium (T-5 Voxel)                                         Copper (T-2 Voxel)

(AM Res.) 8391.25 HP                                       5998.2 HP                                                                                5184 HP                                                            6880.8 HP

(EM Res) 7719.95 HP                                       5998.2 HP                                                                                 4800  HP                                                          6307.4 HP

(Kinetic) 8055.6 HP                                           6228.9 HP                                                                                  4992 HP                                                           6594.1 HP

(Thermic) 8055.6 HP                                         5767.5 HP                                                                                  4992 HP                                                           6594.1 HP


Rough time to mine materials:

For Copper it takes about 10-15 minutes to both find and mine out combined

For Silver, for me at least, it takes anywhere from 15 - 35 minutes to find and mine out a single node

For Manganese takes me about 45 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes to both find, dig and mine up a single node

For Vanadium it takes me about 1 hr and 20 minutes to upwards of 1.5 hrs to find, dig and mine up a single node (most time is spent finding/scanning for it)


These times scale up as planets become more claimed over time and thus SHOULD be increasing their value at varying exponential rates. Which should thus show on the markets however, because Silver and Copper are more used in PVP none of the T-5 voxel ever see the battle field and thus never see the market (for this and many other reasons). The value for T-5 only exists within crafting and scrap for repairing elements in PVP. Even when people have found super nodes of T-5 rarely will you ever see any of them convert the raw ore into Voxel. Especially when the schematics are priced so high and the ROI on the voxel in PVE and PVP is non-existent.


Arguements against this:

  • Well the HP is based on weight per cubic meter
    • Response: Yes, however the weight is totally negated and barely even a factor when you have the T2 - T3 engines, the Talents for those engines for placement, AND for usage AND for weight reduction. So overall, HP based on weight per cubic meter is negligible. ESPECIALLY when it comes to PvP
  • Well there's other uses for T-5 voxels
    • Yes and no, T-5 Voxel being used for armor is a pointless journey to embark on since
      1. The Textures are extremely difficult to find a use/flow for other designs. (believe me, I tried for days)
      2. The HP to weight, EVEN FOR ATMO PVP is negligible when considering the talents (placements and handling) and the higher teir engines
      3. The only true use for T5 ore is for either Scrap or crafting. Use for voxel is pointless since Gold, Silver and even COPPER are better than a T-5 voxel. WHY IS THERE EVEN A T-5 VOXEL IF IT'S WORSE TO USE THAN ANY OF THE OTHER ONES?!?!?!
      4. In terms of ATMO PvP? I'd just use Silver or Copper because T-5 is just that bad from start to finish.
      5. Other use for it is to recycle it into scrap... which begs the question why it was turned into voxel in the first place...
  • Well there is a market for T-5
    • Yes, barely and only for pointed  and specific crafting approaches, because you'll never see T-5 voxel sold on the market when it offers ZERO value for anyone.
    • Also, The amount of time it takes to mine up the T-5 and refine it makes deciding to NOT create T-5 voxel a much easier choice since it's totally useless. Even the new product Voxel offers less than most of the T2 voxels and even some T1 voxel.



T-5 Voxel for PVE (Markets):

There not much to be said on the PvE side of the game for T-5 voxels. Because if T-5 voxel is useless to PvPers then why would a PvEer bother trying to sell something no one will buy when they could make ten or hundreds of thousands of quanta for T2 - T4 voxel?



  1. T-5 Voxel is pointless and begs the question of why it even exists since T-2 voxel is better than T-5 for both Space and Atmo armor especially when you consider the following points against making T-5 voxel:
    1. Average time required to Scan, find, mine, refine, craft design the voxel/ship
    2. Textures of the Painted and Panel (minus the Manganese and Niobium and Gold) voxel for nearly all of them are just horrific
    3. The resistances or HP for All T-5 do not justify even thinking of crafting the Voxel for PvP usage.
  2. Again, timing to make T-5 voxel is not justifiable
  3. Again, the Textures of Voxel's Painted and Panel Voxel are extremely difficult to use. The pattern voxel approach should've been reused in terms of the next set of designs.


Ways to Correct:

  1. Increase the Resistance for T-5 voxel so that it MAKES SENSE to decide if chasing T-5 voxel is worth chasing after.
  2. Reduce the time it takes to create T-5 voxel or increase the time it takes to make T2, T3 voxel since T-2, T3 and T4 voxel are ALL better than T5 lol (Even I'm not too sure about this one, but total time to make doesn't justify how useless it is)
  3. Review the painted and panel textures added into the game and attempt to mirror the approach used for the Pattern Voxel. (If you claim T-5 anything is supposed to be the best for most things then why does it look so crappy? if it had better or worse stats wouldn't you at least want it to look nice??)
  4. Adding in negative resistances for voxels that should OBVIOUSLY have it. For example: Why is gold not weakest against thermic damage? Why is marble (T-1) with zero resistances STILL stronger than T-5 voxels?? None of this makes any remote sense here.
  5. DO NOT NERF SILVER AND COPPER JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE USES IT AS A REPLACEMENT FOR STEEL AND THINK THIS WILL FIX THE ISSUE. People will end up flocking to the next best thing and the cycle will continue until you make the decision to actually balance the right mechanic of the game (T-4,5 Resistances) instead of just NERFing stuff just because everyone's using it. Nerfing solves nothing if you hadn't noticed.


P.S - Titanium is a material used for 95% of jet engine parts because of it's insanely high resistance to heat and extreme strength under high velocities. I'm saying as a jet engine inspector so seeing this was a serious pain point for me.




(Skipping past the math)               

AM Res. HP = 3402

EM Res. HP = 3543.75

Kin Res. HP = 3969

TH Res. HP = 3969


Copper (T-2 Voxel)

AM Res. HP = 6880.8 HP

EM Res. HP = 6307.4 HP

Kin Res. HP = 6594.1 HP

TH Res. HP = 6594.1 HP


(Skipping past the math)

AM Res. HP = 3607

EM Res. HP = 3896.1

Kin Res. HP = 3751.8

TH Res. HP = 3751.8


Copper (T-2 Voxel)

AM Res. HP = 6880.8 HP

EM Res. HP = 6307.4 HP

Kin Res. HP = 6594.1 HP

TH Res. HP = 6594.1 HP




(Skipping past the math)

AM Res. HP = 6696

EM Res. HP = 5456

Kin Res. HP = 5456

TH Res. HP = 5456


Copper (T-2 Voxel)

AM Res. HP = 6880.8 HP

EM Res. HP = 6307.4 HP

Kin Res. HP = 6594.1 HP

TH Res. HP = 6594.1 HP


So T-5 Voxels are BARELY better than Stainless steel which is actually suppose to be pretty strong



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This is a good point and the old version of HP was better, albeit had it's own issues. Personal opinion here though: the tier should have no affect on how good a materials is for a given type of defense. It should be mostly be based in reality. Some easy materials will be more valuable as armor than others and some high tier ones will be less so, and possibly only used as an outer layer for visuals on ships. The monetary value of stuff will be impossible to restrict within separate groups so only group ore tiers by rarity, nothing else. Let voxel use as armor mostly reflect reality.

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Good point, honestly though I don't think it makes much sense to enforce an idea that tier should play a part in armour values, I would prefer that reality play a part in the armour values even if that does mean that steel becomes the best armour or whatever. 

The fact gold is deemed a good armour blows my mind, gold is a status symbol and has been forever, those of high standing would have their swords and more currently guns decorated with gold but when it comes to the blade/barrel you bet they aren't using gold for that!

More radically I would like to see some way to decouple creativity and functionality to a higher degree than what we currently see.

Overall point here though is that t5 voxels don't have to have any other purpose than a status symbol

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