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In RL we have battery powered aircraft...

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In the real world, we have prototype aircraft that runs on batteries that can be charged off of solar panels.    In the future, not so much...


Would be nice if hover/turbine based engines could run off of battery elements.  



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If solar charged the batteries for free or even if you had to put coal in a furnace to run a turbine its still the same thing as nitron in the end. Either you give a solar panel and negate nitron on a fuel cost that is already non existant practically to an alternate system that only charges during the day cycle.


I think that drone rotorblades like the base look of the hovers that resembled drone wings seems to be an option if you had to position it to pull instead of push. Personally if I could I would have hoverpads that created thrust instead of large bulky hard to position the larger you scale atmo/space engines if there was a pull version that could serve that function for ground based vehicles without engines like a hovercraft.


I also think batteries also serve a purpose for reagent based mining tools where they require both a battery/gas or different mining bits or modular scanners to be added to the tool to make it multi-functional. This game needs some kind of stamina like system and batteries could fit that role. If anything else to slow down mega orgs more than anyone else since they would now be confronted with needing a mountain of batteries to stripmine everything.


Also seeing as it would appear power will be  a thing to run ships or industry at some point so we will likely need various types of batteries, turbines, reactors, and power generation at some point so it also fits.


It comes down to how many more ways we want to burn finite mats that much faster. We can create any number of energy storage devices or convert something into some other kind of energy at a loss but it still does not make this game more fun to play as it adds yet another layer of grind or time management to the game. I am not against this idea but hovers serve the function they were created for though it would be nice to be able to angle them and actually have thrust even if its pointed 90 degrees because it should be using gas. If that comes in the form of a gas powered rotor system vs batteries im cool with that too.


I just dont see why all the sci-fi elements are being nerfed into unusable oblivion because its efficient and practical even if it immediatly skirts everything else developed in the game. Its not my fault AGG or Warp dont require talents or that the travel times are so high that I dont care how much it costs to fast travel im just not interested in slow travel with all the games ive played over the years that understood the principal that im not made of time nor should the studio expect that I play 5-10hrs a day minimum to get anything done and getting you to your destination in 45 mins-1hr was a reasonable time for slow travel and offering high speed efficient mounts or vehicles to get you there even faster not to mention movement buffs, bard songs, clickies, and skills to combine to make for max speed travel at will.


Sure space is a big place. 30k kmph seems fast but it is incredibly slow. I would slow travel more if I could get eventually up to warp speed with just constantly getting faster. Seeing as the limits are capped its not possible to get there any faster without burning warp cells which pisses off PvPers that nobody wants to fight them and its cheap since they cant just rail everything out of the sky.


NQ could have made a warp drive that just acted like a 2x more powerful space engine that will get you to 60k kmph or warp 2 engine drives that double that or warp 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10+ that get you eventually up to a light speed drive. PvPers should be able to keep up with warping ships not disrupt them. They whould also have to deal with the high speed momentum and where the ship they are fighting will eventually end up at since it should keep traveling to where it will end up at and if that is lost in space then its lost unless they are flying auto pilot to a planet it will crash into unless they match the speed and board the ship traveling however fast when they took the ship out.

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