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Is there any chance to have hand mining improved? Some Ideas and feedback

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First of all, I would like to say that for me it is ok to have to mine resources in order to be able to build. I like the idea that I am not forced to earn money to be able to do what I was looking for: build and fly. 


In general, I found quite fun the building, industry, and fly ships aspects.


What, however, is becoming too boring (after 3 months of play), is actually the mining process:  even with talents, it is too much time-consuming. I spend more time to look for ores and mine them rather do what I bought the game for: build and fly


And flying heavy ship (S or M cores, 500 to 1000 tons) require a lot of time of mining: both for building and for warp driving them. I'm in a stage where I start to avoid building new thing only because the Idea to have to do endless hours of mining bore myself so much that I do not even launch the game.  If this aspect won't be improved (cosnidering also that there are not other mechanics to play like PVE, PVP,  exploration, missions, etc), I do not think I'll renew my 3-month subscription (that by the way I've already canceled).


I like the idea that mining, in the first stages of the game,  must be process that requires time and efforts: it helps to make the player the value of the ores he is looking for and of what he is try to build. But after several months of playing, advanced players should have more tools to make it less boring and maybe....maybe...funny. In my case, it find so boring to actually find a tile with the ores I need and then mine them that it even prevents me to play the game.


Some ideas:

  • Advanced territory scanners that tell exactly where to mine to find specific ores (not just only a report of which ores there are in a tile), with a cooldown higher than the current territory scanner
  • Drills or any mechanic tool that helps players dig in depths and return back to the surface: this would give a chance to build new vehicles!
  • Any automatic unit that generates X ores every Y time (working even when the player is offline). Slower that hand mining, but It won't require players to be forced to do endless and boring hours of hand mining. Find a tile, eventually claim it, plant this automatic thing and then return to empty it every Y time until the tile is not drained.


I hope that the NQ staff is however, already planning to improve this aspect in the next beta release.


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18 hours ago, Emptiness said:

Here's something fun to consider. Someone on the discord was able to create a script that, with 3 points for triangulation, can tell you exactly what angle and direction to dig to find the closest node.


Why couldn't this be baseline?

Thank you for sharing. I've gived a shot and it actually works!

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