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  1. Why exactly the minority of people that runs the market should provide low-cost products? The lack of competitors doesn't make price higher? And usually people are drive by profit, not by the purpose of providing services/goos for a reasonable or low price. Furthermore he doesn't actually answer why creative people should be find more fun on buying things from market rather than creating things by themself. I was one of those: I do not care about profit or to save time by purchasing things on the market. I was very satisfied to be able to create things by myself. That what your marketing sold me when I subscribed and what I was looking for. If you want us to collaborate...why don't you simply add some community goal like building something or defend from a pve threat? Why are you obsessed by reaching "end-game" things? Why so obsessed by market and profit? How do you know which end game each player set for himself? Wasn't you that say that every player had to set his own goal? You removed this mechanism, now I have no purpose to continue playing this game. I'm non interested in grinding money for buying things on market. That is an experience that I already have in real life, no need to play a game for that.
  2. I totally agree. NQ should then introduce some real high-end content like: XXL Space engine XL Atmo engines A more expensive Warp drive: less speed but more warp cell efficient Mining vehicles and tools wheel vehicles Stargates to other systems or whatever. Things that could be build by eventually by organizations or by collaborating (if this is the real goal of NQ). In this way people will be busy keep doing what they enjoy and NQ would have all the time to release the next steps of the game (PVE, PVP, etc...)
  3. Do you think that be a slave of the market for everything you need is funny mechanics? If players are complaining about the few things to do, would not be better to add new things to build instead of making existing harder? If you wish players to collaborate, why then not introducing some community goals like building or defending something?
  4. I completely agree. Why he has at all cost force players to make part of the market and capitalist mechanisms? That, by the way, to works needs to create unbalance between players: we cannot be all wealthy otherwise none is. So actually how he thinks that this could make the most of us happy? I already live in a world that work in this way, and I do not like. I play a game, this game to experience different experiences: able to build thing and be creative. Now what I got is grind for money in order to be able to buy things... What an original idea! If JC wants us to collaborate, why he do not simple introduce a goal that does that: a PVE threat (alien species?) Or build a star gate to other systems or whatever? Be creative and introduce a community goal! An advice for NQ (if any even read forums): if players complain about the fact there are few things to do, you just introduce new things to do and build, you do not just make existing things harder and tedious. Thank you for all, but my experience with the game ends here.
  5. Good... I'm really sorry to say, but to my eyes, they are just a bunch of things that no one cares about. There is nothing from the promised feature list, the introduction of new game loops, or quality of life improvement of core activities (like mining). From my point of view (and I'm quite sure that it is shared by many), this doesn't incentivize people to continue paying for a subscription. If any of the staff is reading this, my feedback from the experience I got playing the game is: "this game has some potential, but it has nothing that keeps me playing it. I bought a space building game, but instead I got a mining game. Mining that is neither funny nor addictive".
  6. Lol. For me they can take all the time they need. For me would be ok to pay "faith" all this months and have only mining as activity... but it must be the most fun and addictive play loop in the world.
  7. Done, but it doesn't say anything about what I asked. Only a list of good intentions for the future. Remarkable and I really appreciate the efforts the devs are put to improve the game to improve the player cooperation. But what I would like to know... are actually new things introduced in the new 0.23 beside what I reported in the first post? Are there any new mechanic?
  8. I'm sorry, so what will be the new mechanics that will be introduced from the feature list? I understand long term goals and so on... but if I pay a subscription I would have also some activities (possibly funny) to perform now, not pay for waiting for something that does not know when it will be released. Is there any news about that? Is there any changelog? Can I build some vehicles to improve mining process at least? Mining seems to be a core acrtivity in this game, I still do not undestand why we cannot built anything to make it more creative and/or funny. How is it possible that they have not designed nothing about that since the Alpha?
  9. There is something I'm missing. From what I read, the new 0.23 beta introduced an unexpected change to the industry (that seems to make it harder) and some other things that no one cares about like the maneuver tool adjustments. However, regarding the feature list displayed when launching the game... which of them will be introduced? Because it is 3-month of development since the release of the first beta, it is not possible that the only thing was release was a modification to the industry mechanism that no one wants. I have the impression that instead to add things to do, the dev staff is removing things to do forcing players to mine and nothing else. This also make me wonder why I should renew my subscription if no gamplays are added...
  10. I would love to have a drill units to create new specific vehicles for mining. Each ore tier could have its special drills that after mining X amount of ores, brakes and cannot be repaired. Drills could have some stats like: extraction capacity heat level durability Like it happens for engines, there could be several types of the same drill but with different stats. It would be also cool to have a collector unit that must be paired to the drills that helps in some way collecting the mining ore and ore scanner to better detect the ore to mine. Mining is the main activity of this game, and some creativity for it would make it less tedious and I would really appreciate it.
  11. Hi, would be possible creating a new special programmable rotator unit? It could help to rotate the engine from horizontal to vertical to allow vertical take off/landing
  12. I hade the same issue and for me worked to set shadow options to low
  13. Totaly agree, I've just mined 10kL... enough to keep me away on redoing that. I'd like to know why mining has to be so tediuous, expecially considering that actually is the main activity of the game.
  14. I had the same issue, in my case it was related to the shadow settings: having them to "none" was causing the game crash after loading. I've set them on "low" and now the crashes after loading have gone.
  15. For now, more than a space or flight game is a mining simulator. Without even the proper tools (drills, vehicles, automated unit, etc.) to make it funny. Let NQ first introduce some new stuff, improve the general visual performance and game stability.
  16. That's exactly what I was thinking. An updated roadmap showing on what they working for the near future would be much appreciated.
  17. Beside the Manouver tool and Damage managment.... things that all of us were waiting ... are any real improvements and gameplays introduced in the new beta? I mean something like: PVE PVP Missions Tools to improve mining Something that allows travel between planet for large ship more practical Visual and general performace improvements new voxel primitive shapes to improve building And any news on when it will come out?
  18. First of all, I would like to say that for me it is ok to have to mine resources in order to be able to build. I like the idea that I am not forced to earn money to be able to do what I was looking for: build and fly. In general, I found quite fun the building, industry, and fly ships aspects. What, however, is becoming too boring (after 3 months of play), is actually the mining process: even with talents, it is too much time-consuming. I spend more time to look for ores and mine them rather do what I bought the game for: build and fly And flying heavy ship (S or M cores, 500 to 1000 tons) require a lot of time of mining: both for building and for warp driving them. I'm in a stage where I start to avoid building new thing only because the Idea to have to do endless hours of mining bore myself so much that I do not even launch the game. If this aspect won't be improved (cosnidering also that there are not other mechanics to play like PVE, PVP, exploration, missions, etc), I do not think I'll renew my 3-month subscription (that by the way I've already canceled). I like the idea that mining, in the first stages of the game, must be process that requires time and efforts: it helps to make the player the value of the ores he is looking for and of what he is try to build. But after several months of playing, advanced players should have more tools to make it less boring and maybe....maybe...funny. In my case, it find so boring to actually find a tile with the ores I need and then mine them that it even prevents me to play the game. Some ideas: Advanced territory scanners that tell exactly where to mine to find specific ores (not just only a report of which ores there are in a tile), with a cooldown higher than the current territory scanner Drills or any mechanic tool that helps players dig in depths and return back to the surface: this would give a chance to build new vehicles! Any automatic unit that generates X ores every Y time (working even when the player is offline). Slower that hand mining, but It won't require players to be forced to do endless and boring hours of hand mining. Find a tile, eventually claim it, plant this automatic thing and then return to empty it every Y time until the tile is not drained. I hope that the NQ staff is however, already planning to improve this aspect in the next beta release.
  19. I'm experiencing crash issue on login too. First login crashes at once. I need then to perform even 5 - 6 login attempts before I can actually login without crashing.
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