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Deploying a voxel library with no result and or Explodes

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I picked up both Rambo's and the one from sanctuary.  I picked up all of the materials but when I try to deploy the BP I keep getting a red boundary and "not enough materials" message.  Even though all of the required materials are present.  Any pointers?  Am I missing something?


Edit:. Yes as stated below I was missing the rounded materials.  Went back through and made sure I had one more of everything.  Got the desired blue field hit deploy and watched it immediately explode. Lol.  Will do some research but is this a glitch (new or existing).  If a glitch is there a work around.  Appreciate being pointed in the right direction.  Thank you.

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1 minute ago, IndigaterJones said:

I did not consider the round down.  I'll add 1 to all and see what happens.

It will work as I ran into the same issue and assumed there was some rounding error. It doesnt necceartly round down but I think it does round to the nearest whole number so 8.4 becomes 8 and you come up just short. Iirc, it was one of the colors that you didn't need much of that had this issue.

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