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Thanks NQ


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5 hours ago, le_souriceau said:

And if we imagine some fantasic situation when NQ takes him in some private setting and consult with him on matters, they can actualy profit from his insights quite a bit I think. Yet probably (and sadly) it never happen.

Indeed absolutely fantastic in terms of delusional... We've seen that NQ is incapable of learning from mistakes pulling out every psychological defense mechanism in the book to avoid responsibility. 

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On 10/21/2020 at 5:26 PM, carijay766 said:

Simping or are you being paid to say this?

No, not getting paid, I just think if you really enjoy DU in its current state, the devs would like to hear about it bruh. And again.... I'm totally hyped because of this game although I'm still missing a lot of helpful features which I will address in other topics. So... thnx devs, you're doing a great job! 😎

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Also an honest thank you to the devs from me. 


And dispite the bitterness of a few vocal people, I think most players enjoy the game.

There are some issues that are on the road map to be fixed, and some actual ingame issues are quickly improving. 


Going around insulting the developer tho, will actually make them ignore your opinion,and why should they listen? 


A negative tone or jabs while giving actual feedback also dont encourage anyone to read your feedback. Im not saying you have to like everything said, but a negative tone just discourages reading. 

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On 10/28/2020 at 11:34 PM, DarkAster said:

Hmmmmmm. Nothing suspicious here... 

What game (don't say space engineers...) will let you build stuff like I'm building?


I totally love the voxelmancy and I love to design ships, so yeah I'm happy with the game in its current state.

I'm seeing a lot of features like LUA scripting and specific talents for designers to build better ships (because they trained these specific talents) which I absolutely find awesome.

Also I love the scenery. I'm currently based on Alioth in the tropical region (as you can see in the image) and it's just beautiful.

So... nothing suspicious here... I'm only saying I love what NQ does, but that's just because I love those specific features which I find really sick.


I do understand there is still a lot to be done to this game and I hope (I actually expect...) that NQ will continue to improve the game.

So I'm gonna mention it again: Thanks NQ, I'm grateful for this game. I do hope it will be better with the economy, pvp and so on.

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