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Market purchased items summary view


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(unless I'm missing it somewhere...)


After having popped up the Market and made a few purchases from random districts on the planet (and one off planet by accident), I found it really difficult to figure out what I bought, and where its waiting for me to pick it up. Opening the Market from any remote location (just hitting "j"), has no button on the left for a market container... and thus no [horrible] dropdown menu of markets to click dig through (imagine that list when there is more systems!).


Ergo, I propose:


A new button on the market GUI that is always on the bottom (wether you are at a market terminal, or just opening it remotely), of 'Purchases' (or some clever name).


This button would then change the view to a list of all items that are in any market container:


  • Icon
  • Item name
  • Market name
  • Planet/Moon
  • button of "set destination"


You would NOT be able to claim or move those items from this view... this view is merely 'informational only', so you can keep track of, and figure out where junk is sitting out there in the universe (system).




This view then could be expanded with "Shuttling Services", with transfer fees and time to transfer (say, shuttle bought items from Thades market 2 to Alioth district 5 would take 2 hours and %fee based on total mass of item)... then that could be added to this new view.


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1) I would love to  be able to find out where I have stuff  bought and waiting for pickup

2) I would  also like to be able to do a dual sort on the order screen  (typically price and distance) and apply a filter on one of the columns (as a seller to roughly 4 market it gets really complex to see on which market an item is sold out and need replenishment)

3)When looking to buy something, I would love to be able to filter out to only see markets that are on the current planet for instance.


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