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Laying a "flat" floor... ?

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So, I have a small house made, but my main room's floor is bowed up in the middle. Its not like a huge bow, but its noticeable both visually, and when the grid lines (build mode) show.


- I have ripped it all out, and re-laid it... everytime, it bows up in the middle.


- I have tried putting 1 block on the top surface, and then do an alt-drag removal of dead air (all the thin box bits), and it won't remove anything.


- Oddly when I drop 1 block on the middle of the floor, it pushes that 9-block area down with a smooth visual dent lol.


- If I'm trying to "make a selection to replace material", I cannot see what I'm clicking on, because the yellow selection bounds are 'buried under the thin bowed up part' (I wanted to change out some material to make running-lines in the room, and diagonals).


So what magic or voxelmancy must I perform to make a big slab of material, BE FLAT ? What could be causing this? It literally is just a floor of material, no walls near it (its actually flatter near walls), no devices, no underfloor supports or rampant boxes.

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There could be something around that floor that pushes/pulls your voxel, you can try 2 things:


-remove the floor with a bigger selection, this way you are 100% sure you clear evertything above/below that surface


-create the floor somewhere else and then copy and shift+paste in the desired position, by default when you place a voxel it morph relatively to the voxels arount it, by pressing shift when you paste you make the surrounding adapt to the shape you are placing.


Sry for bad eng 😛

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Sorry, dont have a picture, will have to remember to do that.


I did do a 3-thick delete once, to delete everything around the floor (above and below)... didn't really help. Its weird. Maybe I should delete 2 above and below next.


I did build another floor in another construct, and it didn't bow. So there is something odd going on with that other construct's floor area. Blocks are NOT supposed to react to "ground", right? Cause under that floor, by about 2-blocks distance, is a sloping mound of snow.

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