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Beta giveaway keys for Kickstarter backers

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I'm kind of confused when it comes to giveaway keys for Kickstarter backers, but from what I can tell, KS backers get none. On the other hand, someone sent a long chart of what KS packs gets keys, but I am not sure if the info was reliable, so I'd like to make this one clear once and for all.


Do Kickstarter backers will get any giveaway beta keys?

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There's a public resource as well:



Actually I was mislead by that too, because I skimmed too quickly over the text back in the days - but reading again it clearly states what goodies will be granted from the supporter packs to kickstarter backers at the bottom of the page. In addition there's this sentence making it clear, that we'd have had to pledge again for "more DACs, Beta Keys and the new T-shirt"...



Of course early Backers can still pledge a Supporter Pack to earn more DACs, Beta Keys and the new T-shirt…


Hope this solves your confusion as well as it did mine :)

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