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What happens when I run out of DACs? where do I buy new ones?

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You only pay the pledge and then play for free until release...
All the goodies will be shipped at least at the games release.
DAC are at least important after the games release in 1-2years.
Beta keys you get, you can gift away to friends at beta so they can test the game too.
NQ only needs money for running the game, not for getting rich.
What the game needs are people, the more, the better for testing.

Clearly spoken, the faster you start with the game, the more money you will safe.

Just DU it !

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Oh okay, well I have another question tho, i've seen some videos on the NDA because i was shocked not to find a single tutorial or anything... so i was wondering, where do i go for help if there's something i can't figure out?


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in the official discord and here in the forums are hidden NDA channels.
Only accessable for people with Alpha access.

Or you just ask someone ingame... often the easyest and fastest way

As soon as the NDA drops, this will not be a further problem.
And yes even for people under NDA its even harder than for people with yet no access ^^

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The Dual  Universe  Youtube channel actually has a good number of videos, also the website has a news section where information is posted. ONce you pledge and you have access to the NDA channels you can ask away there ;)


While it has not been "officially" announced, at several times it was mentioned DUal Universe will have a subscription model similar to EVE. This means you can buy game time or DAC which in itself will not get you game time, but you can sell it in game for the in game currency or use it as a token to add gametime in game.


As a reference, EVE game time would be around $15 per month with (small) discounts for 3/6 or 12 month bundles. PLEX (the equivalent of DAC) seels for about $20 per 500PLEX (which is what is needed for use to get game time in-game with it) with similar discounts for more PLEX. WHile speculative at this time, I do expect DAC and gametime for DU to have a similar pricepoint.



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