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そして英語が苦手な方でもDUAL UNIVERSEについて何かの質問などがありましたらぜひ気軽に聞いてください。



Graxxor Vidhelssen.

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Oh man, I gave up learning Japanese! I studied it for about a year 12 years ago.

I can still read Hiragana proficiently, I know some Kanjis (some are the same as Chinese in meaning), and I can't read Katakana still (it looks like a mess).


I acquired some basic vocabulary (some I still remember today; some I forgot). I can count perfectly to 億; I still remember the numbers (the system and kanji are the same as Chinese).


First things you learn in Japanese:

はじめまして  = "nice to meet you".

___と申します = "my name is ____".

どうぞよろしくお願いします = nice to meet you (please treat me kindly).

それでは、また会いましょう!= well then, see you again soon.

How can I forget lol. I still remember these ones.


If you know Chinese, you can guess the meaning of these kanjis (even though you cannot read some of them):

東京の中心部に住 = live in tokyo downtown area

日本 = japan (nihon)

英語 = english (eigo)

時差 = time difference

我 = I or me (it is not watashi which is 私)

質問 = question

何 = what (nani)

苦手 = holding difficulty


That's about it.




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