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  1. よろしくお願いします。 私は日本人じゃない、ドイツ国にすんでいまして自分で日本語の勉強しまして時差の問題 がわかっていますけど、日本語で交流する事は自分にとって中々面白い考えと思うています。
  2. discordauth:9lmn-IOpUe_cHGZP2UNiGXSUXGCn9cBoecRLxrzXBoI=

  3. mmh, but what if you can let your robot pet (which you can assign to your construct and is only activ if the player is near his construct) do the chore stuff, but if you do it yourself, you get that temporarily stats bonus. Both need certain skills and for balance reasons I would suggest that 1 player can use only 1 maintance pet, so the pet can work like a LUA scriptable passiv skill. Meanwhile the pet need maintance/(atleast some attention) itself by the player. Another thought is that maintance could get a "new" job/specialastion and it would make players take more care about there constructs so they would have less contructs, which need more attention, which should increase perfomance in a way. I remember a discussion about spacescrap/debris despawning in a certain amount if time. Perhaps this mechanic would embelish it.
  4. To implement something like this properly, I would suggest to have this maintance stuff increasing with the components-techlevel so it dont annoy beginners and advanced players have to care about advanced maintance. In the long term repeating and annoing excersizes can get player-confortable via speacial skills. Different element quality, so as an example: A beginner can choose between a larger cheap low qualitiy engine with high thrust and lots of maintance requierement or a smaller high quality engine with munch less thrust and very very low maintance requierement for an equal amount of money. So you avoid maintance by paing a higher price at the beginning, but if you get more andvanced componnets, you need munch more skills/perks to keep the maintance effort low. components should have need only maintance if they are used, damaged or extreme natur forces( if you park your ship to close to the sun or similar) so your stuff is save in your garage.
  5. 39of42

    Armour ideas

    I think that there will be indroduced a kind of individual armor system when PvP comes out. Without armor the ground combat doesn`t make any sense and different armor types shouldn't cause problems with performance.
  6. Hows about grav-generators are able to accelerate objects in ships relativ to the ships down to zero velocity? (or just set obejects to zero velocity inide a dynamic objekt) So your unmountet stuff don't bump in your ship around and damage it from the inside.
  7. Whats about having elements/systems beeing made of modular components (with positiv and negativ stats) like weapons and armor in Fallout 4. And to make things interesting and to come back to the Triangle thought, modules (with different advantages like higher max stats distribution limits & stuff) which allow to change stats. As example for energie/skill/processing power distribution: Offense <-> Defense <-> Utility Fire control system <-> Firerate/Damage <-> *placeholder* / Shields - Armorsubsystems/Repair - Damagecontroll / roation <-> forward thrust <-> FTL Range <-> tracking / Energie efficiency <->Firerate <-> Damage / magazine reload/recharge speed <-> maintance.thing front shieldbooster <-> aft shieldbooster <-> left shieldbooster <-> right shieldbooster / *something dependen on future game mechanics <-> and soemthing with scrap / something with forcefields <-> explosion suppression systems rotaions speed <-> energie efficiency / thrust <-> energie efficiency / recharge <-> speed <-> energy efficency (I hope that it is understandable) #Different element-types have a different kind of modifiactions/modules #keeps player busy # I love complexity # another irrelevant comment keep in mind that while you planning or doing something else than waiting, you dont wait.
  8. 39of42

    Combat Style!

    How's the idea about having the game client calciulating a number, which is represent the theoretical average hitting rate based on local data (for a short time), which could affect the target hitting chance in a positiv or a negativ way. So that a gunner can have at least a little bit a FPS experience. Another idea is that a gunner has the ability to controll the turrets facing direction (while not shooting) so you can position it for somewhat complicated maneuver to use a slow turning turret more efficient.
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