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There's a lot I can't say due to the NDA, but I would recommend looking at the videos on youtube about DU, it shows a lot of what's in game at the moment. Also, it's an alpha, so expect an alpha experience. :) 

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Guest Annabella

Just making sure you are coming into this game with your eyes wide open:

It's going to be a full on PvP game. There will be limited safe zones(resource poor to non-existent), we aren't sure yet, but most assume full loot.

You will die, probably alot, it is and will be a complex game with a very steep learning curve. I think this is what will make this game so much fun.


some links to check out, make note of the server status one Links to all things DU - General Discussions - Dual Universe


As I was answering another question I realized we may be skipping the most important stuff:

This game will be sub after release, it will not be free to play

https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002021534-System-requirements   Can you even run the game?



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The above is a very subjective expectation of the game with a lot of assumed traits. 


So here is mine:

The game world is huge. While yes, there will be combat outside safe zones we currently know next to nothing in what that will look like. I personally do not expect PVP as far as combat will have the impact some claim/expect/assume it will simply because of the scale of the world we play in. I think it will be fairly easy to find a location where you can build your story in the game virtually undisturbed unless someone stumbles onto you or you are ready to let yourself be found.


That's not to say you should not be prepared for pirates of rogue groups just out to pick fights.



And as far as whether you should "purchase" the game; If you need to ask or be convinced then the answer is probably no.

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38 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

And as far as whether you should "purchase" the game; If you need to ask or be convinced then the answer is probably no.

I sign this statement for every game in development.


On topic: On their Youtube channel they have uploaded many videos, especially the Dev diaries have always been worth seeing because they convinced me that the technology works. Also the interviews they gave at Gamescom 2018 give the impression that it seems to work. They haven't shown anything of pvp yet, so there's one core feature missing for me. The roadmap says it will come with Alpha 3 next year. One can assume, as they said in a podcast, that we will see a "pvp lite" before Alpha 3.

Here's their Youtube channel: 


Here's a Gamescom Walkthrough:




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