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Truly Terraforming


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Terraforming a celestial body is a complex scientific feat. With our far advanced technology we have the ability to tarraform the ground, but terraforming by definition includes the manipulation of much more than just the dirt; the atmosphere! 


Manipulating the ground has harnessed some interesting results, from building a super tall beanstalk all the way up into space, to large flat landing areas covered in snow to aid visuals. There are lots of kinds of non-precious materials you can pick up and redeploy where ever you want. It's been fun (and pointless) to bring grassy soil to a desert planet and begin to truly terraform it. 


Some things are missing though - some I'm sure could be easily implemented - some I'm sure will be very complex. 


We should be able to plant flora. We can take trees down, but how do we put them back up? I'd love to see player made jungles, with interactive fauna among them. 

@IEYESI built a beautiful greenhouse, fit for a botanist - it would be great to see it have a purpose some day. 


When atmosphere matters to survival, an oxygenated planet will home to most, and those on barren planets will need to use lots of power in order to supply their oxygen needs. But what if you could build an airtight construct and plant flora in fertile soil? Over time producing free oxygen for those within the airtight enclosure. 


I'm not going to start talking about what might happen if you covered a barren celestial body in flora, which could produce enough oxygen for the whole planet - because then we might need to start thinking about magnetic cores to hold the atmosphere in XD 


Oh and you should be able to 'mine' water and be able to redeploy it somewhere else. We could create waterfalls! 


If there is ever dynamic weather, we could see flowing rivers and deltas!

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I definitely want to be able to plant trees/bushes/flowers that will grow overtime. Though some preset flowerpots were shown, yet it's not enough to create some underground gardens. 

When I was playing Minecraft - I've spent plenty of time building underground paradise between lava rivers :) 

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