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Puzzle Game Building Contest starts today!

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Hi everyone!


With the test session starting today (Thursday, May 30th) at 14:00 UTC, you will be able to enter the Puzzle Game Building Contest!


We presented quickly what is the concept of the contest in this announcement two weeks ago.
You can also find the complete rules over there. (to be able to read them, you need to be logged and have Alpha access).


However, we felt it was necessary to give some more insight about the possibilities with Interactive Elements.

That's why JC, with the help of NQ-Wzrd, made a Puzzle Building Tutorial. It explains the basics with an up to date video.






Moreover, as the Contest duration will be quite short, we've decided to give to everyone (even those not actively participating to the Contest) a few Interactive Elements of each kind. The Elements you received are just a starting point. You could use more by crafting more or trading more with other players.


Happy building! :)


The Novaquark team.


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