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Puzzle Game Building Contest!

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Dear Alpha Testers,


We are glad to announce a new Contest coming next week, starting Thursday, May 30th!


This time the theme will be about  “puzzle games”, made with Interactive Elements. LUA scripting will be authorized, but it won’t give an edge on the winner selection: the main criteria to win the Contest will be creativity, originality, and aesthetics. Full Contest Rules will be posted next week, just before the Test Session.


We can’t wait to see all the puzzles, contraptions and escape rooms you’ll design!


Also, we said last week there will be a time extension for the test session this week.
With the Contest coming, we thought it would be more relevant to do it next week, as this will give you more time for the Puzzle Game Contest! 


If you’re not familiar yet with Interactive Elements, here is the video presenting the main ones:





(Disclaimer: The video is a bit old so graphics are not representative of the current graphics in the game anymore, but the gameplay related to Interactive Elements presented in this video still globally applies in-game).


The Novaquark Team.

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