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Concerning parallels between the speed of updating the website and in-game glitch fixes.

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If it takes months to fix a community website for NovaQuark then it might take them months to fix in-game glitches.

Please fix your website cookies for the privacy policy, it is setting a bad example for your video game you're working on. It says, "we don't care if it's broken, we'll get around to it eventually" which is unacceptable to a single shard, major glitches will be needed to be fixed within a day. and minor glitches within a week.

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12 hours ago, CoreVamore said:

I do wonder if you are running some form of privacy/cookie tool in your browser that may be blocking the ability of the website to update the cookie used?


I would normally agree, my security preferences are quite tight. However, their previous privacy cookies worked just fine. Last months is still not working right.

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