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An Idea

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I've got an idea.
What do you think about a website where all diplomacy and alliances are listed ?
In addition a list with filter function for organizations, which offer different services ? Do you think it would be helpful to have something like this ?
Would it be helpful to be able to access all this information via the Discord servers ?
Would you use it ? What do you think about ?

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On 12/25/2018 at 2:57 AM, geronimo553 said:

I like this idea and I believe it would function best as an extension to the community pages for Dual Universe.

What do you thinking about a external site with such functions and extantions ?
Like a community project/ fan project ?



17 hours ago, CoreVamore said:

in theory yes, in practice some alliances are secret.... so u never know till u poke the bear  ;)


Yes this is absolutly right.
But with the time, DU will be bigger and bigger and the overview will be heavy if there are comming more and more alliances and some stuff.^^
Im thinking about a general site with a overview of all alliances, who are official and public.


im working actually on such a project. But im not sure, that people will use it. Because it is much work and time what im spending to this.
This is why im asking you guys, what you are thinking about this ideas.

Actually my project is in progress and you can register your organization and alliances to a global list. And exacly this informations, what you are register in the list, you can view it via my Discord Bot in a text channel or on my fan website in an overview.
So this is the plan that i follow.
Sry, its a little bit hard to write so much in english. :D I need english lessons.^^

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Could we please see a demo ? Or some concept ?


Who would feed data to this site ? Who would monitor it ? Who would update/ delete it ?

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I made an initial version of my project for you. 
In this version you can register your organizations with some features and see them in the filter list on my website.

To register an organization you have to go to my Discord Server, because the website and the Discord Bot use the same database.



It is planned to create a team, which is responsible for checking the incoming information to avoid trolls and spammers.

The team and the project are in absolute neutrality to the DU community. There are also other features planned for the bot.

It works in such a way that all data is entered into the database via the Discord Bot. Currently the bot is very simple. All DU players can enter data into the database.


The team for the project still has to be created, at the moment it is only me. There should be people who generally want to do something for the whole DU community.

If you go to my Discord server, you can try out the first commands.

The first command for you is the "/gn help" command.

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