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Hello hello!


New to the forums here but I've been interested in Dual Universe for a while now, just waiting for a more finished state. I have experience in other builders (most similarly Space Engineers), usually just messing around but occasionally more "RP" oriented games. Pretty laid back, mostly enjoy the designing and experimenting aspects of these kinds of games. When playing with friends I'm usually either in the "mad scientist" or "evil mad scientist" role. I have a particular enjoyment for building weapons systems in Space Engineers, I like to think they are effective.


I've only uploaded one really old SE design to the workshop, but I've maintained similar designs that work with the latest version of SE. I'm hoping they'll work in DU if there are similar mechanics.



I don't know how similar the physics work in DU compared to SE, but I'm hoping that some of my more "innovative" designs are translatable. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of DU!

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