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Tries translation Eufenitian/old french to primary english: actived

Français en conclusion (ci-dessous)

Message from DeltasofFR.




Hello community! How are you today?


I have a suggestion about DevBlog, called

"DevDiary & Pre-Alpha Teaser"


Problem: The blog is a little abandon, OUTDATED.  The last news is from October 2017.



Issue: it would be great if we had a regular news channel


  1. ° - To make minimum one article every month
  2. ° - To be inventive, talk about the game himself or Novaquark Team. 




1°: Write one article minimum every month to retain players or curious visitors, the DevBlog must be "the appointment of month", one moment  unavoidable  for all.

We are living in a busy world, people want be fast, eat fast, travel fast, etc... DevBlog would like be one platform for read easily about Dual Univers.


Even the player who does not have the time should want to go take a look, just to see:"What's happen in DU?" 


2°: I don't tell to Novaquark how to make her job, ^^, heheheh. But If we don't have content, we can make a little interview of 5 minutes about one developer. Just transcribed his story, not video needed. 


DevBlog can talk about:


- Gameplay

- Lore/Story

- Concept art

- About Novaquark philosophy. (inteview?)

- About developer, her point of view, etc... (interview?)

- Events (in-game/IRL)

- etc...


Players/visitors must know:


- Where Dual Universe was going. (Past)

- Where Dual Universe is going. (Present)

- Where Dual Universe will going. (Futur)


It's almost a roadmap, almost, not really a roadmap.


Example: I suggest to see World Adrift and Squad games, 2 team differents, World adrift have a little team of dev and Squad have a little team of dev dispatcher in World (not in same place :s)



The Squad News - News every month (more or less)




The World Adrift News - News every weeks and one video every week




Commentary: My point of view, Dual Universe is a Pre-Alpha, we cannot compare it to anothers games. I am not telling to Novaquark Team to be like World adrift or Squad team.

Dual Universe is Dual universe. The work to make this project is really huge, I am not saying:" It's easy, just do it".


My proposals do not ask to do it immediately, each game needs to progress at its own pace. Doing this with a regular news channel makes the player trust on DU.

I'm not an expert, and I'm just joining the community recently, maybe I don't have legitimacy to talk about that.

I know it's not easy, the game is only at its beginning. But we believe on you! 


The Idea of this topic, about DEvBlog, is to make the game alive in subconscious  of people.

I am not talking about players of DU only, but others too. All players, patrons people,etc... Trust on his project. Trust can go down or climb with time. What that, journalists, investors and randoms people can talk more about the game and invest on it!


More me, I talk only for me, but sometime, I connect to my PC and I haven't time to read FORUM, try to find the good topic, etc... Only for read news. I start my computer, I go in one Website Hardware, I look fast, and leave my desk.








Thank you for your understanding, goodbye





"For a better World" SC
End of transmission, au revoir





Traduction français, l'idée de base et de dire que le contenue du blog des développeurs manquent trop de contenu, qu'ils pourraient améliorer sa, sa apporterait plus de lisibilité au projet, de faire des articles régulièrement minimum mensuelle pour que sa soit un rendez incontournable. Et j'ai un peu aborder le contenu de celui-ci, en somme sa devrait parler de la situation du jeu (mais sa on le sait tous xD). A la fin, mes commentaires avec mon point de vue, où j'explique qu'au final, sa profiterais a tout le monde.

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I'd expect that NQ will ramp-up the PR image of DU once we get to alpha, because the game's general exposure will increase massively at that point, given that there will be no further NDA constraints. Traffic on the DU website will increase substantially, and it will be important to make a good first impression on new visitors.


The current "News" page is very dry and unappealing, DU needs a more exciting face to show to the world.

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1 hour ago, erichconvair said:

they said they won't update the devblog any longer but make more videos.


I can understand the logic from a PR angle, but it would be a shame. Image/Video is but one type of content that attracts users, and only certain types of users. Also, people at work doing other stuff besides work :P

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