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The AI Series

Ben Fargo

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This is a series of stories I have written about artificial intelligences (AIs).

Originally I posted each one in a separate topic, but I have gathered them together so I can list them in order.  (Thanks to @Kurock for suggesting this.)


This story is about the early developers of sentient artificial intelligence.


First Choice 


These stories happen during the rebellion against AIs in 2145.


1. MaybeNextWeek.pdf 

2. TheBackdoor.pdf

3. BerryPicking.pdf

4. TheDialog.pdf

5. LastDance.pdf

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Added link for First Choice
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I have added another story to the series.  While I intend to write more stories, but Last Dance is the conclusion to this set of five.


You might notice the link for this story is different than the others.  I did not have enough space for it in my allotment, so the file is stored in Dropbox.

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My latest story is First Choice.  Chronologically, this story takes place before the ones I have written previously.  While the lore gives a specific year for the rebellion against AIs, I could not determine from it exactly when the first sentient AI was created.  I am assuming this story takes place some time in the late twenty-first century.


I am planning to write more stories about these characters, but I have another project that I will be working on before that.

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// Warning: This is criticism, not an insult //

\First 2 Books\There needs to be more descriptions, as it seems like everything is happening on a slideshow- and when it does give a more heavy and a richer description, it makes it seem out of place.

\Other Books\Pleasant to read. This is a more personal opinion, but it seems like the AI are a bit cookie-cutter. They (mostly) behave the same, and seems somewhat weird. The contrast between certain AIs would make the story feel more enveloping, such as a militaristic AI leaving little to decipher but a more poetic one (such as the AIs interested in art) would speak in a more lulling with much more figurative language.

Yeah, first two books. Going to be blunt: no.

Other ones are much better and were delightful.

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I don't feel like the stories are missing anything. For the setting and overall story ark everything fits together perfectly. Most importantly the scenario gives very realistic motives/explanations to the already existing DU-Lore. In my opinion NQ should consider making these stories an official part of the lore. It would give the universe of DU a lot more meaning/depth. It would make the game a lot more immersive by having a more drawn out background story than the one we currently have.


Also @Ben Fargo: you seem to be quite involved in current real world AI research problems, especially based on your accurate descriptions in your newest story.

You probably already know about most current AI Experts, but just in case I highly recommend the YT channel of my favorite AI-safety expert Robert Miles:


Maybe you can draw some inspiration from his videos for your current storyline...;)

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