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Just bought a sponsor pack, hopping in for the sake of this game which represent everything I've ever wanted about a game. I couldn't believe i'd miss the kickstarter when I first heard about this game. Anyway, pledges are back and here I am.

IRL I enjoy blacksmithing and glassblowing. I love to work with my hands on my spare time, and i'm a physics PHD student for the rest of the time !
I dont think I will have enough time to play this game as much as I want, like being a part of a big organization, but I hope i'll find a way to enjoy the game as a solo player, or with a few peoples.
My dream would be to find a remote part of the universe and settle in to build a small workshop, as i'm more interested in building and scripting than pvping.
If someone wanna play the same casual way, feel free to message me if you can bare a thick french accent and we could try this alpha 1 together when  it's out !

Bye bye
Pelorus Jack

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All organisations are interested in smart builder/programmer profiles, and most of them let their members free to do what they want for now. So don't worry for that!


French accent? tsss... JC Baillie gave it so much swag and sexy :D, who could say the contrary here?


If you speak french, I invite you to join Communauté francophone de DU, which is an organisation I created with some other people to gather french speakers orgs and individuals in Dual Universe.


Anyway, I think Alpha should be coming soon ;).



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