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Company registration Novark: your place for the presentation of your company, small business or economic institution!

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Company registration Novark


Dear inhabitants of Novark, beings of the wide universe and beyond, here you are free to present your company, small trade or similar.

This registry is to become the first point of contact for all companies.


Serving the economy,
the company registry





This thread is intended to introduce individual companies, i. e. companies run by individual players or smaller groups of players. No matter which organization or faction they belong to. Seen that way, a land register for the whole of Novark.


Please use one post for a company and indicate in advance which direction you would like to take with your company.


Here are a few categories (terms you can use - so other players can find your company using the search):

  • food-production
  • logistics
  • manufacturing-industry
  • construction-sector
  • real-estate-agents
  • Distribution/sales
  • hotel-trade
  • mining
  • biotechnology
  • Chemical-substances
  • administrations
  • Disposal/recycling
  • Energy-supply/economy
  • tuition (school or same)
  • Finance/Insurance
  • Healthcare (including social services)
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Planetary (nature, terraforming and similar)
  • Security
  • Maintenance


Important : Use the terms exactly as indicated (without brackets) , because not everyone can set tags for his post within a thread. Otherwise, your mail may not be displayed if another player is looking for it.

(If you think there are still categories missing, write me a PN.  Thank you very much.)


Feedbackthread :


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categories : Disposal/recycling,  Maintenance


TANNHAIN Corp. nr. iG.




introduction :

Tannhain Corp. nr. iG. is a small company specialising of spacecraft that have been taken out of service or space debris. We also offer the service of getting your spaceship ready for take-off.


-> the whole introduction <- In progress


Location :



Contact :




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categories : administrations






introduction :

Gemeinschaft deutschsprechender DU-Spieler.

Hier kann man sich bekannt machen oder für seine Organisation Mitglieder suchen. Während man wartet gibt es die Möglichkeit ein verjüngendes Bad zu nehmen.

Link: Sammelbecken

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