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Where would your Ideal base be? Poll

Where would your ideal Home be?  

77 members have voted

  1. 1. Where would your Ideal Home be?

    • A Space Station
    • An Outpost
    • A City
    • An Underwater Facility
    • An Underground Facility
    • A Starship
    • Other

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Personally, my ideal home would be a secure underground bunker. It just sounds so secure and the only way people would actually waste 2 hours trying to dig in to 'surprise' attack you is if they REALLY want you dead or if you're at war. Otherwise most people would probably see it as a waste of time digging for a base that might not even be there.

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Whatever I choose, it's gonna be booby-trapped from basement to roof. I love traps. Easiest would probably be either underground (lots of walls and collapsible dirt on top) or a ship (push the buttons in the wrong order, woops, the reactor is now a time-bomb)

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On 1/20/2018 at 2:58 PM, MarrrV said:

Am looking at the poll results and can not help but think;

"is this a cunning plan to see which is least chosen so you can select that option for your hidden base"

Or it could be a devious plot to find out what kind of base most people will try to use so I can figure the best ways of breaking in and completing my objective. 


Or it could be me just trying to get to know the people ill be playing with and the community being built around DU. 


Buuut i guess we will never know. But i will be doing a new Poll every month ;)

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