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Distance of Allioth to Earth


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A note to the untrained reader: This following post contains mathmatically caluclations of the DU lore.

A note to the trained reader: This following post probably contains glaring and stupid mathmatical errors.


I saw a post on the fourms a while back about the distance of Allioth, though it was based on mere speculation. But, if you look at the official lore, it gives us some details about Novark's travel to Allioth that we can make caluclations from.


  1. Travel Time: The Arkships leave between 2510 and 2536. While we are given that the Novark is the 17th Arkship to leave Earth (1), we are not given how many ships in total were launched. So, we will assume a launch date of 2523, in the middle of the 2 dates. So the travel time is 12477-2523=9954 years
  2. The Arkships are relativistic vessles, going at past 0.99c (2).


I also will make some assumptions, most noteably that the ships are accelrating at 1 gee, or 9.81m/s^2 and that the ship will reach a max velocity of exactly 99.5% c. But since we are dealing with relativistic velocities, we are going to have to take relativity into account. Of course, I could keep rambling about this and lay out my calulcations. But I'm too lazy and I remembered there are calulcators online dedicated to solving this kinds of problems.


I used this one: http://gregsspacecalculations.blogspot.com/2014/11/relativistic-rocket-calculator.html


and got resaults of this: http://gregsspacecalculations.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html?a=9.80665&b=91542242.45978841&c=313515239106.8169


Some key information:

  • The total distance travelled would be 9902.4861 light years
    • The Lore Bible also says the Novark travelled towards the Scutum-Centaurus Arm, so Allioth would be around here: https://imgur.com/KOeebti
    • This might have some problems with the Galactic Habitable Zone.
    • (Light Green is the Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Dark Green is roughly where Allioth is located at)
    • How do I make the images show on the post itself?.
  • Assuming we use anti-matter fuel and our exhaust is coherent gamma rays, we are going to need 398 kilograms of propellent per kilogram of ship. The portion of the ship that we will actually be able to see probably is the small payload section and the massive engines and the propellent storage being ditched.
  • The 15 years between the launch date and SKiD will give some dozen light years of breathing room. Not sure if that is enough though. However, the ships that are launched later may have some problems escaping the supernova caused by SKiD.


Good researchers cite their sources.

Source 1

Source 2.




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4 hours ago, TheMasterArchitect said:

They should make a map for this.

I am not particularly for this.  They should provide the tools so that we can make our own in-game starmaps.  Starmaps have the potential to be a large part of DU (though I expect this would only be implemented after release)

Also since the solar system is effectively destroyed, we would not be able to find it anyway. Black holes suck.

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