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I have good hopes for Tortuga. Although it feels connected to BOO it is stated as neutral and in my opinion only neutral open to all cities will be viable.

If not for the market and trade reason there are alot of other reasons. 

We from Tranquility also hope to be welcom in the grand city and one of the reasons we are going for the mobile (galactica) approach is to not interfere with planet based cities. 

I also see a bright Future here for "The New Horizon" who wants to transport people from city to city over vast distances. A City like Tortuga can bring alot of elements in DU that else would never be there.


Most people think about cities like Tortuga and tranquility as just a bunch of people, or failed experiments but they really should be seen as the future origin of DU stories, Roleplayers and players that want a background story can live glorious lives in these cities and if the caretakers of these cities get the chance to help them it will be in the best interest of DU.  We now get questions why there are no NPC's, well the story must come from us. And in general Cities will help, either Tortuga or Tranquility or the cities from DSI or Empire, they will help to build stories.

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