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Any LANDMARK builders here ??

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It's been a bit over 3 years now since...


Oh, yes, I also played Landmark. I definitely did. I met a few people and learned a lot of things. I entered a few contests (and was even declared a winner more than once). And then...


Anyway, Landmark seemed to be a game you either loved or hated. And based on the posts I've seen in this thread that hasn't changed. For me it was the game that taught me you even could love a game.


I was overcome with emotions reading through this thread. The imagery, the names of people I remember, even when only from the forums. It was a bittersweet reminder of the past, and a remembrance of what it means to be passionate about a game.


I'm hoping that DU doesn't surpass that experience, I really can't afford it to. Still, it seems the focus is more aimed at mainstream players and that is a good sign for longevity. With luck the building tools will evolve as they can be more sufficiently supported by everyone trying to conquer the universe. Maybe a few folk will choose a ship of my design... and not "die" because of it.


Finally looking forward to a game more my style again. Unnamed game studio be cursed, it didn't kill me after all. While the principles remain the same, it's time to learn some new techniques (and limitations?)


Happy to see many of the same folk, and welcome those who slide in later.

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I've personally never played a Voxel game. neither Minecraft or Landmark. If a guy is interested in learning more about using Voxels to build what resources are worth checking out? I have been digging around on the forums here but am interested in some detailed how to's or even detailed discussion on methods? Does becoming a Voxelmancer take an apprenticeship? what school of magic is it a subset of? Do I need to wear a robe? Robes would be cool.

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