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The Intergalactic Trade Federation

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"Yes boss?"

"Take a look at this room. Do you see anything wrong with it?"

"It seems like a normal stockpile to me, nothing wrong with it."

"Nothing wrong with it?!?! We started selling these products weeks ago. This should be empty by now"

"Boss, we *wanted to sell* these products weeks ago. We didn't sell a single piece."

"WHY?! What went wrong?"


"Tell me!"

"No one wants to buy them."

"And why the hell does no one want to buy them?"

"Because others are selling the same items cheaper."

"Wait, what?! We are the only producer in the whole system!"

"That's true, but all of our competitors are part of the Intergalactic Trade Federation and..."


"Actually, a lot. Look, they can sell at much lower prices because they have a lot of benefits from the Federation. For example, they can use the ITF Star Network for free. They don't have to pay for traveling at all."

"Ok, that sounds very useful indeed, but how can they do business here. I paid the pirates in this sector a small fortune to work here in peace..."

"And that is causing our high prices. ITF members can use cheap military protection supplied by the ITF fleets and the fleets of the military-focused member organizations, which give them their fleets and manpower instead of paying taxes. The pirates don't dare to attack them"

"I get why they have so large success now, but where do they sell their products?"

"At their own trade hubs of course, which also can be used by members for free! Also, the Federation offers delivery services."

"Is there anything we can do to compete with them?"

"Well, I have one idea...."

"I am listening"

"We could join them to gain the advantages I mentioned."

"But that destroys our independence!!! Also, I don't want to pay taxes."

"They are trying to give us as much independence as possible. And the taxes are much lower than what we have to pay right now to pirates and Stargate owners."

"But do they even want such a small business like ours?"

"From what I have heard, they are looking for orgs of every size."

"But how do we join?"

"We just have to head over to their discord server and talk to the founders, KittyKhatt and MinerMax555 (https://discord.gg/CDa6FJ5)"

"MinerMax? The guy from Vortrex Mining and Science Inc.? They got VMS into this?"

"Maybe this isn't such a bad idea after all. But I have more questions. Where can I find the answers?"

"You can read through their community portal description (https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/intergalactic-trade-federation#tab-description) or ask them on their discord server. They are happy to help everyone."

"Wait a second, how do you know all of this?"

Gary stops counting money

"Oh, ahem, I am well informed."

"What are you counting there? Where did you get all this money?"

slightly panicked  "a good friend gave it to me."

"Did they pay you to lure me into the ITF?!"

Gary hides the money behind his back

"Noooo, that is absolutely ridiculous! What do you suspect next? That we are only fictional characters only created for the purpose to advertise the ITF?"

both laugh

"You are right. That would be silly. I am going to join them now."

He walks out of the room

Gary turns towards camera

You heard it guys, waste no more time, join ITF today!

"Gary, who are you talking to?"

"To no one, I am just talking to myself"



Current Partners:

Khatt Mining Co.

Vortrex Mining and Science Inc.

Solar Empire:

Axius Empire:

Tainia Prospecting and Exploration Company

Unity of Ignis




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