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The grand finale of the short Frozen in Time Arc is ready at last. Minutes stretched into hours due to some formatting problems on the Aether Forums, but, it's ready at last. There are no less than half a dozen Easter eggs in this one, and I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I did while writing it. The first person to find all the Easter Eggs wins his organisation a free ad space on Outpost Zebra for two weeks. This offer is open till third of July or till the winner bags it. Sadly, the Easter Eggs are in the .pdf version only: formatting made them too conspicuous on the Aether Forums. We are working on that.


Now you must know that I'm torn between two sequel arcs: "The Omnipresence" arc that deals with stargates, or the "Gods among Men" arc that focuses on Cybernetics, implants, and... you guessed it: questionable enhancing drugs that your mothers told you to stay away from. I'm close to making a decision, having made some preparations for both, but I'm still open to feed back from the audience. 


Frozen in Time's ended now, but I made a promise at the beginning: each arc is interwoven with another. The next arc won't start where FiT ended, neither will it start where FiT began. Rest assured, you have not seen the last of Aurelie, Mistral, or Jamius. Weep not: Regis isn't gone - not yet. 


I wish you all the best. I'll be taken a break from writing while I plan the next arc. I won't be jumping into the cold water without a shower again: it might take some time to get everything ready. 


This is bidding you farewell for the time being.  


Have a wonderful day.




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