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I've been here for several weeks, so it's time I got around to introducing myself.  If the name I tried to reserve is approved, I'm Ben Fargo.


I'm very excited about DU.  Everything I've heard about it agrees with my concept of what an MMO should be.


My goal in DU is to build a ship, a small to medium sized cargo vessel.  For the ship, I've started an organization called the Blue Moon Crew.  Unlike a lot of organizations, which are corporations or empires, it will be much more limited, just the crew of this one ship.  Every member of the crew will also be a co-owner of the ship.  So far, I am the only member, but ideally I would like to have about three to five people in it.


I'm also a member of the Cinderfall Syndicate.  The Blue Moon will be an independent ship, not part of any fleet, but that independence will be based on developing strong relationships with other organizations and players. It will need facilities for building it, then cargo to carry, places to dock, protection from pirates and probably many things I have not thought of yet.


If the Blue Moon Crew sounds interesting, please consider joining.  If you've any questions about it, I'd be happy to answer them.

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Guest Ben Fargo

On December 10, something strange happened.  When I logged into the forums, a message said it was creating a new account.  My profile and posts still existed, but I could not update them, only view them as if they were someone else's.  I contacted Customer Support and they have worked on it, but the problem has not been solved.


To avoid causing confusion, I have not posted in the forums since this occurred, but I have decided not to wait any longer.  Even my posts now appear under the name "Ben Fargo", I am the same person who was posting as "BenFargo" before this problem.

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