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[Novawrimo] The Last Arkship

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So, after reading about the Novawrimo contest, I decided to join it. I have to say I didn't read any of the existing stories yet, only the base lore by NQ. I also have no writing experience and english is not my native language. But I had some ideas in my mind and decided to write this story that fits into existing lore but adds waste new future possibilities (opened doors) to the DU universe :-)


What you see is Chapter 1 that I started to write 4 hours ago. We will see if I can get up to required 5000 words before the contest ends. So far it's only 1200+ words across 4 pages, but I didn't have much time and can't be sure if I can finish it before end of the contest. So there is no reason for me to hold it off and you can enjoy it right now. 


Hopefully you will like the idea behind as me and let me know if you are really interested in what would follow ;-)


Novaquark: If this doesn't get updated to required 5000 words and you don't lower your requirements, feel free to remove this from the contest. I'm not doing this for rewards :-) Thanks.


PDF is attached below.


PS: If anyone wanted to co-op and continue developing the story, just send me PM and ask me what plans I had, I'm opened to that option too to see how far we can get it :-)

The Last Arkship - Chapter 1.pdf

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