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15 hours ago, Star Explorer Catptain said:

Agreed hahaha, it would be easier to build a small ship then buy a bigger ship to use for long haul trips. And I know it's possible to get it customized but would be pricy hahah. I still think it's neat.

Until someone attacks and overtakes your main ship and zooming away, while you wonder what happened while down on the planet.... neat indeed  :o


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14 hours ago, Star Explorer Catptain said:

Yes that would be risky, but there will be security tools to ensure that doesn't happen right? And a self-destruction setting as well? 

Only if you make the tools.... or buy them.... and self destruct isnt a thing at this point of time (unless its happening behind the nda)



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Or you could just park you're ship at a Space Station, Hangar, or Space Port... you might have to pay a small parking fee, but at least you know the place is guarded, and they may even have insurance for lost/stole property.

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We have no idea how possible or practical it will be for solo players to operate in DU. There's no shortage of opinions in that regard, but they are all based on pure speculation.


NQ have indicated that they are not in favour of single players controlling large multi-gun ships by themselves, so the current plan is that each turret will require a player to be operating it. You might be able to fly a "mothership", but if it is attacked, you'll either have to run or switch to ONE of the turrets to fight. Multi-gun ships are intended to be multi-crew.


Currently, the plan is for ALL of space to be FFA-PVP territory. There's no NPC police or combat restrictions anywhere. A few moons will have "safezones", but those do not extend further than 1000m from the moon surface.


Everything is subject to change, of course, we're a long way from launch at this point. But expecting the fundamental design to change is a risky proposition...

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