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  2. hi, where can I find the blueprint videos, and how can I start working on my designs on a blueprint program? or thats in the game? sorry if this is the wrong place to post, just not sure where to find the videos, or not understanding where to find the blueprint program where I could experiement with my idea of how I would want to build something .
  3. i'll look at the video, althrough i wish the videos had closed captions, I'm deaf and its bit hard to follow along. And right, NDA, alas i'm looking forward to getting involved with Alpha 2
  4. discordauth:gXjmYnV0h2-VVjDpJb7s3O2JIP57GS5AU4JBwURoW3A=


  5. Hello all, I'm returning to this forum after a long break due to personal reason. I'm very much looking forward to this game, however currently I would prefer to remain a independent player and focus most of my time trying to get off the planet and explore if possible hahaha. Those people who is currently playing alpha, how is it? is it challenging trying to find materials, or its more challenging of building? and does the game actually reset at each major stage? or it keeps the builds players built? Hope to hear from you all
  6. Yes that would be risky, but there will be security tools to ensure that doesn't happen right? And a self-destruction setting as well?
  7. Agreed hahaha, it would be easier to build a small ship then buy a bigger ship to use for long haul trips. And I know it's possible to get it customized but would be pricy hahah. I still think it's neat.
  8. I was just wondering if a player such as myself liked going solo it would be possible to have two ships, one kind of like a mother ship, like Star trek ships and a shuttle to use for travelling down the planet.
  9. Hi, as being a non funder of this game, I been keeping up with the news and i havent not seen any news or any updates about the game for three months now, just wondering if everything is ok.
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