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[STARS] Stellar Trade, Affairs and Recreational Society

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Welcome to thelogo.png

Link to the organization community page : here


It is my pleasure to present you our brand new organization : the Stellar Trade, Affairs and Recreational Society (acronym STARS).

We are a neutral, non-interfering society thriving to offer the best available services to the community for an affordable price in secured oases of peace throughout the universe.
We wish to offer in each of our bases:
- A banking system for you to store your items in a secure and convenient location.
- A free open market for everyone to visit or sell
- A transport service for renting, shipping or driving you
- A entertainment center for fun, gambling and broadcasting live streams such as races, fighting contests and maybe in the future war battles.
- A research team to sell our carefully designed and manufactured constructs tested by our own members in their day to day activities.
- A beautiful building reflecting our investment in the artistic community where all the previous services will be hosted.
- A security team to secure our infrastructures and our clients assets.
As a neutral non-interfering organization, we pledge to not wage war to anyone, not take side in any conflicts nor create any embargo.

We are open to alliances and treaties with all organization sharing our vision of a free safe, peaceful and prosperous community.
We are also open to business contracts for you to get VIP access to our various services.


However we do retains the right to put you or your organization in our blacklist effectively banning you from our services if you commit any offense against us, our clients, our constructs or our infrastructures.

Would the offense cost us a loss of any kind, we do retains the rights to prosecute you by hiring public or private law enforcement and/or juridical systems to make you pay for our loss.

The STAR Society is organized  by a vertical hierarchy guarded by the founders with the role to oversee all activities and protect the organization from internal and external coup trying to divert us from our true mission (see our Role Play).


The Council is a group of 10  members (of whom 2 are the founders) sitting at the top of STARS’ hierarchy.

All members of the council, apart from the leaders, are elected by their peers for a mandate of 3 months.
The Council takes all the decisions and set the objectives of each Division for the mandate toward our global objectives.

Divisions represent the interest of STARS for particular activities.

There are 7 Divisions :

  • The Banking Division in charge of setting and maintaining resource banks for our customers.
    First objective is to build a Bank in the headquarter.


  • The Trading Division in charge of setting and maintaining open markets for our customers.
    First objective is to build a market place in the headquarter.


  • The Transport Division offering transport (of people or goods) for customers and for the Divisions, racing on STARS behalf and testing the ships of the Research Division.
    First objective is to develop a customer base and to train as soon as the first ships are ready.


  • The Entertainment Division in charge of setting up the casino and gambling system, running races, showcasing live streams and all entertainment-related activities.
    First objective is to design and market the casino and the racing bet system.


  • The Research Division, focusing on designing blueprints for all other Divisions and for defense.
    First objective is to start building the design of the headquarter, designing the first transport ship and the first defense mechanism.


  • The Construction Division in charge of building the headquarter and any building necessary to the other Divisions.
    First objective is to secure and start building in the safe-zone a low quality version of the headquarter to host the bank, market place, research center, transport halls, casino and conference hall.


  • The Security Division whose job is to protect the other Divisions during their activities.
    First objective is to make STARS famous by exploring outside the safe-zone, cooperating with the community, talking about us, train in fighting skills and  address the griefs of the other Division.

All members must choose up to three Divisions, they are free to work in any of these and must choose one to be primary for each month : the one they will spend the most time in.

The Council will adapt monthly objectives according to the pool of members in each Division and the one they set as primary for the month.

STARS strongly recommend to choose 3 Divisions and rotate between them because the skill system of Dual is set so that you won’t be able to be good at everything so favoring a few and becoming an expert in them seems better to us than favoring none and be average in everything.

Favored trios for now

  • The Fighter : Defense, Transport and Research Division

  • The Merchant : Banking, Trading, Research Division

  • The Builder : Construction, Defense, Research Division

  • The Dealer : Entertainment, Transport, Research Division

Yes we do value researchers, because all the blueprint we develop will be saved from alpha to beta to official release. However we don't force nor coerce anyone so you are free to do choose any other trios.


NB: There may be basic skills needed for particular activities that we may favor in Alpha.

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Thanks you for your kindnesses, we wish the best of luck to the two of you as well and hope you'll try our in game services once they are available :)


Regards of the STARS.

"I look forward to the opportunity. Thank you."

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Hello everyone,


I'm Theneryl the co-founder of the STARS.

I wanted to thank you all for your interest about our project. It's will be a pleasure to work all together.


Don't miss our future posts on our organization page and the forum. We are also interested by your feedback and ideas to improve our concept in the aim to give you the best services possible.


To answer you Shogun, yes we made the logo design. We're happy that you enjoy it ;)


Regards of the STARS

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