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Found 5 results

  1. Dear fellow Noveans, we want to offer you a website where you can find several tools that will improve your game experience of Dual Universe. Currently we will provide these features: * Customizable Crafting Calculator * Detailed informations about Items * Skill Tree with Multiple Player Support * Ore Appearance Table with Filters * Detailed informations about Stellar Objects (planets, moons) * Named Crafting Lists (Blueprints?) But we surely will not stop there. These are the planned features, that are in the work already: * Crafting Calculator considers the talents * Ship Calculator (with talents) * and more Before you register, to use this tool, please consider these rules: * You DON'T have to use your Dual Universe login. You can use ANY email, username and password. * After logging in, please read the intro on the left side on the start page to get an little guide on the project. Now how do you get access to this? Go to: https://hq.hyperion-corporation.de/ And register. Thats it. The tools you get are free for all to use. Why are we doing this you ask? We know, that Dual Universe can be pretty hard especially for new players. We want to provide tools to make it easier for everyone. Don't hesitate to tell us what you think or ask questions. o7
  2. Speaking very little English, I use google translation and leave a copy in French. Hello everyone. so, let's talk about Voxel tools that could have more potential. 1- Have with a touch the possibility of using the smoother smooth tool. 2- it would take a selection tool to be able to take several Voxels and be able to pass the smooth tool. 3- To be able to inlay one or more voxels modified in other voxels with the option "to take against or not the empty voxels" it would already be a great + to be able to create more finesse and detail our creations. I have already played a lot with voxel on the game Everquest Landmark and to better understand I put the link of my channel youtube or I kept 25 videos tutorial on the Voxel. Link of my first video on "the bars and points in micro voxel" which illustrates the why of points 1 and 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6gB1qHInDI You who is a builder, do you follow me? Bonjour à tous. alors, parlons des outils Voxel qui pourrait avoir plus de potentiel. 1- Avoir avec une touche la possibilité d’utiliser l’outil lisse plus doux. 2- il faudrait un outil de sélection pour pouvoir prendre plusieurs Voxels et pouvoir passer l’outil lisse. 3- Pouvoir incruster un ou plusieurs voxels modifié dans d’autre voxels avec l’option “prendre en contre ou pas les voxels vide” ce serait déjà un grand + pour pouvoir crée plus en finesse et en détail nos créations. j’ai déjà joué beaucoup avec le voxel sur le jeu Everquest Landmark et pour mieux comprendre je met le lien de ma chaine youtube ou j’ai conservé 25 vidéos tutorial sur le Voxel. Lien de ma première vidéo sur “les barres et pointes en micro voxel” qui illustre bien le pourquoi du point 1 et 2. Toi qui est constructeur, tu me suit?
  3. One feature I would like to have when building is a hollow tool. The program I have been using to design concepts for my ship has this and I have found it very useful. Basically, it removes all voxels from the interior of a shape, leaving the outside surface as an empty shell. It does this even with complex shapes created by adding and subtracting simpler ones together. This would be very useful in Dual Universe, since eliminating any unnecessary voxels would reduce the resource need to build a construct.
  4. I would like to introduce an idea about using the paint tool to create some bump maps textures for our builds: The concept is using the paint tool and having the possibility to switch to texture or bump mod. Normal maps would be too complex to paint by ourselves, so preferably using bump maps system, painting in shades of greys over our texture painted model. An Invisible painted information layer to anyone's eyes on a finished build but renderable by client side lights information calculation. This might greatly improve the appearance of any constructions And why not doing the same for a reflection map painting mod
  5. Hi everyone, Just a few ideas about the nanoformer tool in particular. I figured that this topic would make much more sense in the Builder's Corner than in the Idea Box, as it is specific to the game's building tool. This post is also partly in reaction of the devlogs I've read about it. Its lore, the way it works, etc. So, in short, the nanoformer tool is able to deconstruct, store and reconstruct matter in the desired shape, at will. A few ideas has been thrown on how it could be powered (solar, bio-heating, etc), how it would be explained, etc. Nothing is set in stone of course, but it is not really satisfying either. So, I came to bring some ideas, I hope you will like them! DISCLAIMER: I am no scientist, but I've read a few things, and here is my theory about actually what would it take for such a tool to exist. First, we would need a complete control over matter, down to at least the atomic level. This means being able to manipulate at will each atom, even when part of a molecule. As you may know, breaking down atoms themselves is a really powerful (a destructive) process, and can lead to catastrophic event if a chain reaction is created (i.e. atomic bomb). And so is, to a lower extent, the breaking down of a molecule. This leads to my first conclusion: the nanoformer tool would require enough power to maintain a complete control over atoms, independently from their surrounding (and atomic bounding mechanism), as well as being able to channel the huge power of their rearrangement, while preventing destruction to happen. Good luck with body heating and solar panels to harness such power! Second, the only plausible technology currently existing, allowing some sort of "control in space" over matter, is the creation of a really powerful magnetic field, allowing the atoms to be "liberated" from another colossal power: gravity. This is, at the moment, only possible within the inside of a huge magnetic field generator, and in no way can actually be broadcast, even a few centimeters away from the center of the magnetic field generator. But man, we are doing science-fiction here! So let's imagine which technology could evolve from this. To my opinion, a few branches could appear in the future from this technology, leading to the creation of a nanoformer tool: Tech 1 - a magnetic field generator with the capacity to broadcast its magnetic power: this would allow sustenance of matter in front of the wearer (Half-Life 2 style). Tech 2 - a sort of pinpointing magnetic laser, allowing the control of matter at the atomic level withing the magnetic field (similar in some ways to the inner carving of a cube of glass using lasers). Tech 3 - some sort of super coolant magnetic beam, allowing the surplus of energy created by the destruction of molecules, to be controlled and redirected elsewhere to prevent explosion (read the great sci-fi book "Uplift" to have an idea). Which leads to my second conclusion: these three futuristic inventions would explain nicely the nanoformer tool technology, while anchoring it in our present scientific "knowledge", with only a sci-fi credible twist. Plus, this could lead to nice in-game skills and upgrades. For example, the Tech 1 could be expended to a macro level, to allow repairs in space. The Tech 2 could be improved to deconstruct more complex entities, such as molecules, for the creation of more advanced things, or to a DNA level, for the creation of bio-technologies. I really think we've got something here! Third, such technologies would require a huge amount of power. And how could we actually pack such power, in something big as, let's say, a portable battery? Atomic fusion of course! The power of the stars! First it is freaking cool, second it is really the only known source of power, which is actually under research (4th generation of nuclear reactor) as we speak, that could provide enough energy. If I remember correctly, you can, with this technology, power up a whole city for one year with a bunch of sugar cubes! Which leads to my third conclusion: the battery that we should use in Dual-Universe, at least for our nanoformer tools, could be atomic fusion batteries. They would require really specific and expensive factories to be built, but a bunch of dirt to be powered on. So on top of the cool role-play-real explanation, it would be perfect to implement in the game. Well, that is it guys. I hope you got the vibe! Magnetic fields, fusion atomic batteries, cooling and pinpointing lasers: I wait for your comments! Cheers, Dociel
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