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Found 6 results

  1. Tortuga & Tales from Tortuga Tortuga City is a community city building project in the world of DUAL UNIVERSE. The city is a place for trade, manufacturing and shady business. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum, villainy and dashing rogues. Separated from the shackles of organization affiliations and political agendas, the cyberpunk world of Tortuga with its skyscrapers and neon signs will be home to adventurers and agents, artists and militarists, traders and thiefs. Tales from Tortuga is a series of fictionalized stories set in this world, created for the entertainment of the colonists of Alioth and abroad. Our adventure doesn't take place in the actual Tortuga of the game, it only takes inspirations from it. The stories you will read are not part of the official lore of DUAL UNIVERSE, it's a story within a story. Tales from Tortuga will be released in episodes every two weeks on SpaceshipDrama.com and here in the forum. The episodes are written by different authors from the community and comprise of stand-alone stories that will tell a 12 issue long overarching plot. The cover art of the issues is also created by different artists. You can get in contact with the writers and artists on the Tortuga City Discord. - Already Released - Episode 1: Do Not Go Gently by Kurock (PDF, 1MB) Episode 2: The Artful Affirmative by Ben Fargo (PDF, 1MB) Episode 3: The Hunter, And the Hunted by Cybrex (PDF, 1MB) - Coming on November 16th - Episode 4: The Hunter, And the Hunted 2 by Cybrex - Further planned issues - Episode 5 by Einu Vei Episode 6 by Einu Vei Episode 7 by Ben Fargo Episode 8 by Agilulf Episode 9 by Lethys Episode 10 by Kurock Episode 11 by Empress Episode 12 - The Finale Series trailer as seen on Ark Central: The Tales from Tortuga team hopes you all enjoy reading our stories!
  2. Hi guys, Time for launching the community vote for NovaWrimo 2017! Rules are the same than for the 2016 edition. Starting from today, you can vote with the pole in this thread until April, 3rd at 06:59 AM UTC. Only one vote is allowed per person, regardless of the number of accounts he/she owns. To be convenient, I gathered the links to the eligible stories here: "Bastille" by Kurock "Life After Death" by Velenka "Right to Exist" by stig92 "A Day of Optimism" by Dwarf3d "Black and Teal" by Zamarus Our staff review of these entries is still in progress and we'll update you on this asap! The original announcement is still available here. Thanks to the writers for entering! Have a good read! Cheers, Nomad
  3. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Fan Fiction Guidelines

    As you may already know, Dual Universe will be different from many MMORPGs due to its Sandbox aspect. One of the particularities is to make the evolution of the storyline directly tied to what happens in-game. This might include the integration of fan fictions in the official storyline. However, it won't be possible to make it happen without a few rules that will preserve consistency and equity among players. Of course, it's totally possible to write a Fan Fiction without strictly following the official lore. In that case, keep in mind a few things: - You cant' use Dual Universe nor Novaquark in the tittle of your fan fiction. - You must put the tag [Non-Canon] in the title of the Fan Fiction - You must put the tag [Fan Fiction] in the title if you publish the text anywhere else than the official forum. - Do not expect to see the Fan Fiction integrated to the official storyline. - Expect many players to ignore it in their roleplay, as for keeping consistency when roleplaying with each other, it's only natural that players aim to have the same lore references. Now about the necessary rules to follow if you want to see your fan fiction integrated in the official storyline: - Please read the official storyline first. - The fan fiction should be compatible with what is known from the Dual Universe backstory so far. Nothing in the fan fiction should be contradictory with what has already been published. Note: an important Lore update is planned for Tuesday 15th of November 2016. This might give you answers to a lot of questions you migh have until now. It's highly recommanded to not set into stone what you have imagined for your fan fiction before having read this update, if you aim to see the fan fiction integrated. - The content of the fan fiction must not include content from another game of fiction universe. - The fan fiction should not give any status advantages on specific Player Characters over others. Example: a Player Character involved in a fan fiction can't become the captain of an Arkship or the Prime Minister of a country prior to the Arkship Launch, just because the author of the fan fiction has decided this. - No alien creature should be involved. - Physical violence should be limited (No gore or similar things). - Verbal violence and cursing is tolerated but must stay limited. - Explicit sexual content isn't allowed. - Hate speeches toward real people, real ethnic groups, real religions isn't allowed. - Real politics proganda isn't allowed. - If the fan fiction is integrated to the official lore, you accept to transfer to Novaquark the right of using the fan fiction content for promotional purpose of the game, without expecting any additional reward or financial compensation in return. - Ultimately, Novaquark staff reserves the right to validate or not a fan fiction in the official storyline. That being said, we will try our best to integrate as many as possible, and will help writers in this direction if they ask for help. Of course, we remain open to the community feedback and suggestions to improve these guidelines! These guidelines will be updated on Tuesday, 15th of November 2016. Best regards, The Novaquark Team.
  4. Only one vote is allowed per person, regardless of the number of accounts he or she owns. Best regards, Nyzaltar.
  5. Vyz Ejstu

    [Novawrimo] That Bright Dawn

    "Well, I seem to have made it in the nick of time. Without further ado, here is my Contest Submission. I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you. " Novawrimo-ThatBrightDawn.pdf
  6. Started this thing recently so i just finished the 5k word count mark and haven't had the time to polish and correct it. But i wanted to participate in the contest and share it anyways so here you go. It also serves as background story to my own character in case you wonder about the main characters name. Everyday life of an agent.pdf