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Alpha 1

Found 6 results

  1. All May I present https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/bureau-international-des-poids-et-mesures Yeah - I know - it's not the right place to post this. Ha!! Not really - pretty much the sorts of people who should be in it are here. Basic idea - this is a pre-alpha thematic org, set up expressly to: a) talk DU and standards - what would need to change from the world we know to the world we're going to. to note, discuss, propose and ratify standards as a community (using the forums etc) which can be passed to NQ for consideration. c) Write a bit of pre-history/lore to go along with all this. Because something has to be fun in stuff like this Now, because I've not tested this yet - if you are already a member of another group and the system won't let you apply and join - send me a DM and I'll add your name to a standing membership roll post - either way it's not a big issue as we're such a small community so far anyway that everyone knows everyone. I'll come up with some sort of psuedo-structure people can have fun with later on.
  2. I'm sure this is a rather NOOB question, but what TIME is the pre-alpha test on March 29th??? Any easy way to find out the times for the tests?
  3. Looking through some of DU's released info i noticed plans for an active day/night planetary cycle. As an old time DayZ mod veteran i was absolutely thrilled by the concept of navigitating through a pitch black landscape. Imo it would be like a dream come true if DU were to follow DayZ's mod formula of nocturnal navigation. Forcing players into illuminating an area and create light source infastructures could possibly add a new layer of gameplay.
  4. ADFormer

    Faster Travel

    I heard that the planet distances are going to be a good 2 days apart in real time, so rather than setting your ship on auto pilot and logging on every 48 hours till you find a good planet to settle on could there be an FTL (Faster Than Light) drive or something like that? So rather than getting the first 15 seconds of this video, we get what is in the last 5 seconds?
  5. Is there any info already about pre-alpha access in October? I know that pre-alpha starts on 30th of September and we won't have permanent access to the game 24 hours per day (and probably not every day). I'm sure we could play on Saturday (30th of September) and on Sunday (1st of October) because it's weekend but what next? I'm asking because I would like to take a vacation on Monday and Tuesday (2-3.10.2017) just to play DU and I wonder if I could play then.
  6. Hello all DU Community Members! So I have been reading and watching lots of things, trying to make sure I am up to date before I ask any questions, and I have come to a point where I realize that I can't quite find a respective answer or possible solution to a problem which I see to be quite a big one... The Problem.. I hope.. So as far as I know, when abroad a vessel / moving voxel construct, you are completely fine when online, you can edit the ship, do whatever you want, and you can just travel along whilst your vessel goes from Point A ------> Point B. That is all very awesome and quite clearly something that would be needed in the game for an immersive experience. However from what I have read, if you were to Log Off from the DU service, if your vessel was still moving, your body will have saved its location where it was when you logged off, and upon re-logging in at a later date (for example say 1 day) you will find that your vessel has moved on for 1 Days worth of travel time (provided it had the energy and it encountered no problems etc.) and your body has logged in where it was 1 Day ago. This for me is a problem, and also the fact, that in my mind at least, a truly immersive experience would allow you to log off, let your ship keep drifting / moving onward, and then come back and perhaps you have reached your destination. Clarification So, to clarify my point in simpler terms.. - Is it true that logging off saves your location in the universe as a X,Y,Z Coordinate as opposed to saving it on board your voxel construct? (from what I can tell from videos and wiki pages, as well as what makes sense in my own mind) - Or does it work some other way? If I am indeed correct in my presumption, might I ask if there is any known way, or if there will be anyway of logging off on board a moving construct, and upon re-logging you find you are still on your construct? Possible Solution My suggestion to this problem would be something as simple as making it possible to log off inside of the control unit element (In my opinion this ones seems a little wrong), or something like a Stasis/Cryo Pod Element. Upon entering the Stasis Pod, you are making your player coordinates dynamic, instead of static, and thus when re-logging into the game, you awake still as a dynamic set of coordinate mappings, and you would have to leave the stasis pod to return to being static (normal playing mode again). Scenario The Stasis Pod idea imo, opens up a new world of game play too! Imagine being able to hunt down a ship trying to make a flee from a system, the player is offline, in his/her stasis pod, and has no idea they are about to have their vessel attacked. The enemy ship could blast a hole in the ship, match its speed and attempt to board it. They find the accused system fleeing victim in their stasis pod. Instead of killing them in their sleep, you detach the stasis pod from their ship and move it on board your own ship, taking them back to some galactic authority so that they may face whatever charges they deserve when they log back in. Of course that is a scenario that I'm not too sure how it will entirely play out, but it seems cool. Why I Want It So I see space travel as a serious endeavor to take unto yourself. And whilst there will be massive corporations that will spend many days and weeks researching new tech, some people, maybe even myself, will consider the slower route. Say for example I wish to make a sub-light speed ship, slow, but capable of reaching a desirable solar system. However the catch is it will take me 2 real weeks to get to the closest system. So I build a ship, fill it with some supplies, basic living needs and off I go. I would come on to the server when I can, do some research on board my ship whilst traveling, but I would like to jump in my Stasis Pod when I log off so that I may keep going on my 2 week mission to find these new worlds. I would love that. Conclusion So in conclusion.. I hope I wasn't wrong about why I started this topic, otherwise I spent a bunch of time writing a pointless post And I wasted your time.. so I am sorry about that.. Otherwise, thanks for reading and I would love to hear any thoughts and opinions! Thanks! - Sullos
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