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Alpha 1

Found 9 results

  1. Storm


    Gas Giants a large planet of relatively low density consisting predominantly of hydrogen and helium. A brief and to the point suggestion to add gas-giants PERKS . gas filtering for resources . hard to access bases and facility's such as a prisons "ect" . hiding spot if deep enough . catch asteroids in there orbit . disposal of unwanted rivals .scuttle ships .Hydrogen reactor fuel CONS . BIG . Hard to access . Have to make a crush depth .strong gravity .ballast maintenance .if you go outside without a suit you'll get pancaked .violent storms and winds .if your base is damaged it could easily sink into the abyss .very poor sight need a sonar if deep .extreme temperatures .electromagnetic radiation Im not one for paragraphs, i like bullets more so forgive the alien writing
  2. Orius


    Will there be weather on planets? If not, can you make it happen? Also make it where you have a variety of weather, like rains of a particular substance (like rains of methane, currently present on Saturn's moon Titan)? It doesn't have to be water. If rain is present, make sure that the atmosphere is cold enough for the rain to be supported as liquid when falling from the clouds; the surface temperature can also exceed the boiling point of that particular liquid, so that the liquid will evaporate before reaching the ground, like on Venus. I've also mentioned before about gas giants, just thought I would mention it again. Gas giants usually have a lot of moons, and since gas giants cannot be landed on, maybe they can have a lot of moons in game to compensate for the lack of a solid surface. I know that this is a tall request, but I believe it can be done because of the significant amount of progress made already on the game! Thanks, -Rhino
  3. Orius

    Human effect on planets

    Human's impact on planet Earth is increasing, and unfortunately we cannot click a reset button. I would like to see this as an implemented game feature for a planet such as Alioth. When humans deplete Alioth of its resources, it would also be cool to see how the planet reacts to these changes, making it warmer or cooler. This feature could also be implemented in other planets as well.
  4. Orius

    Gas Giants

    Gas Giants planets. There you go. Instead of planet surfaces, they could have a lot of moons.
  5. CaptainTomBombadil

    The ability to purchase and control an area

    I think it'd be cool if we could create a space like a cabin or a store or a city etc. If we have something like a city, we can create constructs in an area and we can control via invitation or membership or something, who is allowed in the area, it can be a safe zone where there's no pvp, a store that can actually sell things for credits (or possibly some other form of revenue, at some point interchangeable to a currency like PayPal or something). We could sell advertising space in our areas. It would just be nice to have a place we can call "our own" in this new universe. I know people that can create and print membership cards or something. Maybe we can all be allotted a small area? Like a house in a neighborhood. Create a place where we all start from and can go places from there. Maybe a row house in a neighborhood would be cool. idk, just brainstorming here.
  6. Thebest777777

    Making a planet into a ship

    I was just wondering if it was possible for people to make planet sized ships by hollowing out a planet and adding the right components
  7. steamiskey

    True destruction

    will there be a way to damage terrain from space? and if so will it be fully withing the rules to completely destroy planets? although it would take a long time to create and would take a lot of power to function but will there ever be any weird way that you can completely destroy planets? and if so how much trouble if any would you get in? if there are no traditional guns that will fire that far could you have a ship fly into it and damage terrain and if it was going faster would it make a bigger hole? on top of all that how would the servers handle such a large amount of destruction?
  8. We see in the pre alpha footage a "Globe" in the ship or in the Huge base : This is my idea : Will be thoose Globes (map) the transposition of the nearest planet when we are in orbit with our the ship or in the huge base ? Could we add "Point of Interest on a planet" to let the other players point that is a city wich will be visible on those globe ?
  9. One thing I haven't seen any topics on is planetary weather or natural disasters. Personally something like this would add a very neat immersion level to the game. You could have actual Seasons were a player would experience a specific type of weather more often than you would at another time (like snow, rain, strong winds, ect.) Additionally, if its primarily a snow or desert planet the dust storms or snow storms could move around on the planet, thus making it (1) difficult to fly, walk, build, ect, (2) physically impossible to land or do anything, and (3) could destroy buildings and other infrastructure if not properly built. Natural disasters are also an interesting topic. Having earthquakes or even a sunami (depending on if there is water and how much) Possibly even a hurricane. Please note I don't know how adding weather of any kind or in any form would affect the optimization of the game. But at the very least having weather that Impares flying, sight, and walking would be interesting.