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Found 8 results

  1. Long story short, "clear the pipe and afk-drift for 4+hrs" is really boring, and there needs to be some stuff added in or changed to make Aphelia missions not be just the screen-saver someone lets run for quanta while they're off doing other stuff. To that end I'd like to propose that surrogate-station use not unload the physics of the construct to which the surrogate station is attached when it is used, thus allowing players that would otherwise be stuck afk-ing in a chair for several hours to do more interesting things while their ships drift through the void. The ability to explore other player's constructs or surrogate in to their own structures to work on a build would be a significant improvement over being stuck sitting in their mission-ship for hours on end as they are now.
  2. - mining units : it would be great to have lights on them so I can see status without having to open them up. red: something is wrong .. container is full, efficiency is at zero, links are broken, etc. yellow: mining unit is operating but it outside the stable calibration time window and efficiency is declining green: mining unit is operating normally within the calibration time window (these are the ones I don't have to open up) - industry: similar to above, add a yellow light to show that it stopped production due to reaching the maintain limit, but nothing is wrong - using ship maneuver tool on space stations. Reduce the boarding range or be more accurate using the actual cross section to determine if I am actually boarded when standing on space station surface. - PvP: see explosions and weapons fire (laser beams, missile trails, railgun streaks, etc.) from external view. Hard to fly and fire a small fighter craft using remote and watch the effects at the same time. Constant switching screens with insert. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it feels very clunky - seems like a undergrad college project interface, not a multimillion dollar game, lol. Thanks!
  3. Could it please be made such that a tile colored for informational reasons in the map can have that color altered or its transparency/intensity changed. As is those of us with poor vision have been having a harder and harder time telling when a hex is highlighted for any reason (seriously folks, almost totally transparent yellow is the wrong color for anything, I need to play with the graphical settings so much as to make it near impossible to see anything outside the map just to see it at all). Alternatively could we get an optional toggle-able setting in the map that hides the terrain features and just shows the hex-lines and other markers over a featureless black sphere? it would make it a lot easier to see things.
  4. I'd like to propose the following quality of life changes to the market interface. I think that implementing some or all of these will increase market utilization. 1) Hover over an item or stack in my inventory to see a market valuation of the stack. 2) Right click an item in my inventory, and have a context menu item "View market details" that will instantly open the market interface to that item. 3) While using a market terminal, right click items to instant sell them from a linked container. 4) While using a market terminal, freely change between my linked container and nano pack. 5) Active order matching when non-instant buy and sell orders are price matched at the same physical market.
  5. Dear NQ, You see this little thing? It's always there, taking up UI space. I'd love it if you guys added some way to hide this. It could be an option in the settings menu or moved into the context menu when you right click a construct (like with right-clicking to see player names). In addition, the information it shows you while looking at a planet I feel is redundant and unnecessary: The planet name and whether the territory is claimed can be observed through the map. As for the voxel material, there's already a key for that: H! While it's quicker to view it this way, I think it simply doesn't need to be, considering the value of the information you're actually gathering. Just a small QoL thing that, for me personally, I'd love immensely. Never liked this label since the day it was added.
  6. Shaman

    Anchor unit

    Currently, there is no real way to freeze your ship in space, flying with an agg, or in a place with no land like the ocean. The only method I know of is to activate your emergency controller and then fly away until it automatically freezes, which is very jarring, tedious and unreliable. This can pose a problem as it makes parked AGG ships more likely to fall out of the sky, space only docking very difficult (even with the new features), or simply just making your ship risk falling to its demise when you temporarily leave, without constructs or terrain to stand on I propose this: The anchor unit Comes in 4 sizes; each restricted to its relative core size Has two states: on or off, and can be activated by pressing E, lua, or using buttons. You can also use lua to check if the ship is anchored or not as well. when activated: If the construct the anchor unit is attached to under 5 km/h, not controlled by a control unit, and has no engines that are active, the ship freezes after 5 seconds. Otherwise, nothing happens until these conditions are true. Brakes and adjustors can still activate during this time. The anchor unit plays a sound indicating that it is done. If someone activates a control unit on the ship again, the anchor unit deactivates and the freeze is removed.
  7. Why is this a thing? We shouldn't have to pick and choose which posts we want to react to in a given time period. And also, why does this forum only offer one reaction option (like)? We need more than just Like. We need Thanks, Laughing, Sad, Embarrassed, and maybe some others too.
  8. Allow Shift/Ctrl/Alt+clicking of materials to quick transfer them between inventories. Manually dragging and dropping is so last century.
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