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Found 13 results

  1. So, I’m really interested in this game and am considering buying it. The only thing in concerned about, is if I were to buy the $60 pledge for Alpha 3, would I have to pay another $60 for the next test period or Alpha 4? Thanks in advance
  2. Greetings, I'm Aydens, it's just to say hello and tell you that I'm human 😜
  3. Hi, if i pledge for the "Sponsors Pack - 120 €" can i play all the time or only from March 14, 2019 - 14:00 UTC March 18, 2019 - 14:00? I´m confused^^ Can anyone help? :-)
  4. Hey all, Got a quick question. I'm thinking of upgrading my old Silver Kickstarter pledge to a Patron pledge. So far as I can tell, I don't get a discount for doing so. While I'd love to do this, I don't want to effectively waste my $60 from the kickstarter by buying a full price Patron pledge for $180. Anyone know if this is possible? I suppose the right thing to do would be to contact NovaQuark and ask, but has anyone had any luck with this in the past?
  5. Soo... I saw that the pre-alpha will be avaible tomorrow, so I thought it would be neat to try and get access. So I wanted to update my pledge. Add a bit to it and such. however, when I try and access the pledge page, I get an error 500. No matter from where I access it. Is it because I pledged via the kickstarter? Or because of another reason? Halp?!
  6. Due to i have some spare time to write, so here we go It's been a year since i discovered Dual Universe from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016. NovaQuark used a very simple teaser for their game debut. There are some people that starting to express their scepticism about it, & at some point my self also feel the same ... just trying to be honest, the teaser looks a bit dull & i expect more information from it. But i realize that NQ just started their debut which is quite reasonable for me. Even though the said trailer looks pretty
  7. Hey there fellow wanders of the universe! I am a long time EvE player along with a host of survival games. This project on the surface could be looking like my new addiction... So I have a couple of questions & comments before taking the plunge to pledge. and please forgive me if they have been asked and answered. Eve Online is known for its incredibly steep learning curve (which frankly kept me interested in the game for years so it's not a bad thing), and is infamously known by some as a 'Spreadsheet Simulator'. Frankly there is no right or wrong way to play
  8. I payed for the gold founder pack and I wouldn't regret my decision even if I didn't get anything from it. But I've been reading around on the forums and it seems that the alpha members are selected individually, and I am wondering what you really need to get alpha access. So how are you chosen? What is the criteria? What does "alpha access key" really mean? I am fourteen, will I have a lower chance of getting in because of my age? I am really excited about this game and I am very pleased with the progress that has been made so far. I am very thankful for Novaquark going in on this. Good d
  9. HELLO TO YOU ALL, i hope you had a great christmas time. NOW, i have another question about upgrades of the pledge. example: I got the pledge GOLD 120€, it contents 23 DACs. If i upgrade my pledge to SAPHIRE with 50 DACs, means that i get the DACs added to 73 DACs or it will then just 50 DACs like the latest step of the pledge? Sorry if i ask too much, lol ... but ... i am a newbie ...lol =) Thank you for now .. Floyd
  10. So now that we have the option to upgrade our pledges I have some questions that hopefully will help a lot of people and of course myself. 1) What is the time duration during which we can upgrade our pledges? 2) Lets say hypothetically we can upgrade our kickstarter pledges till 1st of Jan 2017, where we get the kickstarter rewards, if we upgrade after that will we get the normal rewards instead of the kickstarter rewards? 3) How many upgrades can be done? Can we upgrade from level to level? like first we upgrade from Iron to Bronze to Silver etc? I am not sure if anybody has
  11. Hello fellow Arkship passengers I have some questions related to the new Update about the upcoming Crowdfunding system on Dual Universe Kickstarter page (Update #24) On the Phase 1 paragraph they said : "Packages will be quite similar to the Kickstarter packs, so that those of you who couldn’t pledge during the Kickstarter campaign for various reasons (not being able to pay with PayPal, missing the end date of the Kickstarter, etc.) can still support us. The available Founder packs will have the same number of DACs as the Kickstarter ones. However, they will have a few less
  12. I was wondering whether or not I would be pushed back in line for the name-reservation if I changed my pledge reward from Sapphire FP to Sapphire D? Even though I made my original choice way back? Hope some of you can help.
  13. I was wondering whether or not i get pushed back in line when it comes to name-reservation if I change my pledge reward from Sapphire Founder to Sapphire Digital? Hope some of you or NQ can help ease my mind.
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