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Found 20 results

  1. Machkeznho Love All The Sci Fi Nice To Meet You All ^^
  2. I want to take the time to say hi to everyone. It’s nice to meet everyone. Just reply and say hi. ??? Hot ? doggy ?
  3. Hello everyone, i am new player from SC, EVE... anyway, just say hi.
  4. Bonjour, je ne me suis pas encore présenté sur cette rubrique du forum, donc c'est mon tour . Joueur de Dual Universe depuis une bonne année, passionné par le projet de NQ, initiateur du WikiDual Universe FR, ainsi que du Quanta News avec l'aide de MendrakMaster, avec la détermination de créer une superbe civilisation marchande gravitant dans ce nouvel univers, nous nous sommes associés avec FREEJ1 & WillyGmod ainsi que d'autres membres historiques (Cronael,DIVAZ,Norz,KILOPalo5,...) afin de donner vie à la DELTA Confederation. Cette dernière est une organisation de commerçant bâtisseurs, totalement neutre sur l'échiquier politique de l'univers. Notre objectif premier est l'ouverture de Quanta City, une ville avec une ligne architecturale parfaitement corporate, défiant toute imagination, permettant le transit de ressource et d'échange entre joueur de tous horizons, grâce à nos futurs marchés privés. Nous effectuons donc autant de l'achat que de la vente de biens et services. Pour tous renseignement ou contact : https://discord.gg/DeYDeR Quanta News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf1oMIn-Ksc&t=82s ---------------------------------------------------------------- Site communautaire Serveur vocal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I have not yet presented on this topic of the forum, so it's my turn. Player of Dual Universe since a good year, passionate about the project of NQ, initiator of WikiDual Universe FR, as well as Quanta News, with the determination to create a superb commercial civilization gravitating into this new universe, we partnered with FREEJ1 & WillyGmod and other historic members (Cronael, DIVAZ, Norz, KILOPalo5, ...) to bring DELTA Confederation to life. The latter is an organization of shopkeeper builders, completely neutral on the political chessboard of the universe. Our primary goal is the opening of Quanta City, a city with a perfectly corporate architectural line, challenging imagination, allowing the transit of resources and exchange between players of all horizons, thanks to our future private markets. So we do as much buying as selling goods and services. For any information or contact: https://discord.gg/DeYDeR Quanta News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf1oMIn-Ksc&t=82s ---------------------------------------------------------------- Site communautaire Serveur vocal
  5. Hello New Friends! I look forward to playing Dual Universe. I've researched the upcoming MMOs and this is the best fit for me. I like science fiction and I'm not a fan of fantasy, but most MMOs are obviously fantasy. This one is not and I appreciate that. I like making my own content, building things of my own in the world. I played Wildstar for a while and they had the best housing system. Sadly, Wildstar gave up the ghost. I hope Dual Universe with their customization worlds will fill up my housing itch for me. Please pop in and say hi. :)
  6. Hello! My name is ShaylixLinx, even though I have involved in Dual Universe sense 2017 I still haven't made an actual introduction. So here we are! I run the Department of Justice inside the Terran Union and I'm looking forward to buying this game. Even though a lot of my time so far inside the TU has been writing documents and structuring the court of the TU I'm still enjoying my stay even if I can't play the game. So to you all, what are you guys currently doing to stave off being board? Are you all excited about the progress done? ShaylixLinx
  7. Hello, hope everyone is excited as much as i am.
  8. Greetings and well met! Just signed up for the pre-alpha, and am very intrigued to check out DU and get in on it around the ground floor! I'm an avid gamer who spends far too much time of late playing EVE Online (after a hiatus from that game). I am of an era that played MUDDs, the predecessors to MMORPs. Being a gaming addict, I also have the "distinction" of buying my first upgraded computer to be able to play the original Everquest! Some other memorable MMORPs that I've enjoyed include Dark Age of Camelot and Lord of the Rings Online. I'm also a player of board games and tabletop miniature games, and have been in the same Friday night gaming gang for around two decades! In EVE I'm a proud member of the kind and gentle Signal Cartel, which is pacifistic and aids capsuleers (players) stranded in wormspace-- a place where you're doomed to remain unless you have the ability to find an exit out! See you all around at some point!
  9. I was told to introduce myself, so here I am. I'm an 18y old programmer finnishing up high school. A HUGE SciFi nerd (Star Wars, Star Trek) and both a fan and developer of games. I first saw this game last year presented by Captain Shack of the XPGamers. I sadly missed the initial kickstarter pledge, so I will do it now. I hope to help with the games development even so if only when Alpha 2 arrives. And thats about all, just saying HI to (hopefully) future friends and enemies
  10. What's up guys! My name's Nicholas, but you can call me Nick or NRS if you please. I'm a person who's rather obsessed with games in the space genre, and Dual Universe is no exception. In other words, I can't wait for this to come out! There are many things I enjoy doing, and those things include making concept art, designing, and a bit of programming. I believe those three things can help a lot with this game's economy. I'm planning on designing as many affordable spaceships that use minimal material as I can. Well, that's about me. See you guys around!
  11. What's up guys! My name's Nicholas, but you can call me Nick or NRS if you please. I'm a person who's rather obsessed with games in the space genre, and Dual Universe is no exception. In other words, I can't wait for this to come out! There are many things I enjoy doing, and those things include making concept art, designing, and a bit of programming. I believe those three things can help a lot with this game's economy. I'm planning on designing as many affordable spaceships that use minimal material as I can. Well, that's about me. See you guys around!
  12. Hi, I am RadiantFlux and a big fan of spaceships, especially when I can create and design them myself. The past 3+ years I was heavily involved with StarCitizen and because of people talking about the similarities between these games I heard of DualUniverse. Sadly I only recently truly checked out what this game has to offer - which is why I sadly missed the chance to make myself a gold backer and play the pre-alpha. As stated above what intrigues me the most is building my own spaceships with my very own design thoughts, thruster placements, redundancies and everything, making it fit what I personally think is cool and plainly fun. (Which is why I currently play Avorion) I have created several concept ships in Blender 3D just because I love doing such things and this game offers to do it in a way that I can actually even properly play with in-game. That alone for me is reason enough to buy it. In addition to that I saw the prefab cockpit and I like that cockpit view (which is important to me) and the fact that I can create any ship type I like with that cockpit is very appealing to me. And as far as I see the game developing I can well imagine that there might even be more different cockpit prefabs available at some point in the future, which for me is really good modularity. That the HUD sounds like it is fully customizable also helps a lot. Also I loved to play Minecraft and so this game combines a lot of things I really like to do in my freetime. Now if DualUniverse also supports my dual joystick + pedals and "proper" 6dof spaceflight with free drifting I think I will really, really, really, spend lots of time in the game. See more details on that here: So, glad to be here and am looking forward to having fun with the game some time in the hopefully near future. RadiantFlux --------------------- PS: Yes, I have read the pinned threads.
  13. Hello everyone My name (username) is Captain Nazeris. I love the space/sci-fi genre, and I am the proud creator of the NOVA Republic (https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/nova-republic#tab-posts).I also have a Youtube channel and will be doing videos on this game(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOAtNc10g4K5-lTJ1cVNMyw)
  14. Hello there fellow enthusiasts, I am CaptainKingz, or CraftingKingz. Few of you may have already seen my posts, but I'd thought I'd introduce myself and a little background. I am an aspiring entrepreneur who started off playing loads of Minecraft since 2011. That's where I got my original title of CraftingKingz, which I only use for some games nowadays. I played loads of Yogscast complete modpack with my buds and loved the factory feel and idea. When I first discovered Dual Universe (through a facebook ad) I was hooked. I ran to my wallet and backed the with an honest Iron Founder package. I do plan on buying higher tier packages too when that shop is set up. I saw the videos and read every update about ship building and construction and I loved the idea. I created my own organization in hopes of providing the whole universe with cheap and reliable transportation. I really want to give into this great game's community and be an active member of the forums, and also build up my organization before the game's release. I hope all y'all in the community can accept and welcome me into your family and help shape this game for the better. I thought I should also include: Sandbox Games Played: Rust Minecraft (Yogscast Complete) Ark Space Engineers Empyrion Terraria Starbound Don't Starve (Together) Factorio Savage Lands Starmade Reign of Kings (Regrettable) Space Games Played: Space Engineers Empyrion Starbound Starmade Star Citizen Pulsar: Lost Colony If you want I'd love it if y'all add me as friends
  15. Hello i'm WorldsNoob. I don't want to tell people my real name, where I live or how old I am. I'm excited for this game, and I hope that I can try the game in the alpha, or that it doesn't end up costing too much. Because it looks amazing, and it would be fun to play with my friends, maybe takeover a whole planet and make a giant Clan/Group, starting with my friends and I on a quest. Have a nice day.
  16. I was playing Eve online for many many years with several accounts, I stop playing when they destroyed wormhole life for small corps. I also played a lot of Landmark and Minecraft. Nowdays I mostly play Ark and is rly looking forward to play this game. If you want someone with my experience testing your game please add me to the Alpha testing list I work as a C++ developer but I also know lua so I can start scripting/testing that part of the game too Rock on! Cpt. Aero
  17. Heya I guess you people have seen me around the forum, and I didn't really introduce myself. I am Tnecniw, a nice guy from Sweden that enjoy all stuff Sci-fi. I love techno babble and love the infotext of all your small and big characters and items. I am currenlty hoping to be a engineer of sort in Dual Universe (or a biologist, but whichever works) and I really look forwards to seeing you guys play Now... a question I have... how do you get those cool signatures? I want something like that.
  18. Hi guys, I'm wandering how such an ambitious and interesting project managed to stay under my radar so far. The idea is superb and this sounds as the real sandbox worth playing. So, hello from me too and I will try to catch up with all this information about the game so far, so I could be helpful with my comments.
  19. My name is Angelsheart, I am from United Kingdom and I have been playing Landmark for quite some time now as well as keeping one eye on Dual Universe. I have been lucky to beta test some games in the past by invitation, most notably where Sci-fi is concerned was Eve Online. I have been playing MMO's Since early Ultima Online, and have been playing them ever since. I look forward to seeing how Dual Universe continues to grow and how the community continues to grow as well. A quick hello here to some of my Landmarkian friends, Lady Astrum, Kiklix, Shattari, Pantera and Squishimus. The ship in the header on posts by Kiklix was done in Landmark, and believe me it looks pretty cool close up. I am also sure that the people I mentioned in this post as my Landmark friends will be an asset to this game as it develops. I cannot wait for this game to become early release so that I can become part of the in game community as well. Take care all and see you all in the forums.
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