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  1. I love Roleplay. I run the Wildstar Venue called Stillriver Teahouse and I would like to migrate that here somehow... but first I need to know where I am. :3
  2. Good to see you too! It's nice to see another WS refugee. :3c .... I love fanfiction! Speaking of fiction, what's the best way to read up on the games world(s)?
  3. Hello New Friends! I look forward to playing Dual Universe. I've researched the upcoming MMOs and this is the best fit for me. I like science fiction and I'm not a fan of fantasy, but most MMOs are obviously fantasy. This one is not and I appreciate that. I like making my own content, building things of my own in the world. I played Wildstar for a while and they had the best housing system. Sadly, Wildstar gave up the ghost. I hope Dual Universe with their customization worlds will fill up my housing itch for me. Please pop in and say hi. :)
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