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Found 9 results

  1. While I was traveling in space in a ship with two XS space fuel tanks, one of them ran empty while the other was half-full (the engines were not taking from this tank). My ship couldn't travel further, so I emptied the half-full tank and attempted to fill the empty one. I got a message saying that the fuel is incompatible, even though I'm sure that the fuel used for that tank is correct. I think it's a bug with the space fuel tanks....
  2. Organization Name: Eyes & Ears - Search and Rescue Website: eyesandearsrescue.org Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ETk5ubw Mission: "Achieve the preservation of life when found in dire straights" Allegiance: Neutral, with a slight lawful bend Gameplay: Semi-casual, yet can be active at a moment’s notice Roleplay: Freely allowed Currently Recruiting: All Positions When you're out in the void of space, alone and unsure and in need of help, who do you turn to? Many would say "your organization", and that is very much correct. Most organizations are like family units, all of its members looking out for each other. Family can be fickle though. Do you have the biggest organization of them all? You're only one person and bound to get overlooked. Is your organization made of thieves and pickpockets? They'll come after you when it suits them best. Does your organization cover a vast swath of stars? They'll come after you, once they get out of their own territory. Is your organization tirelessly working on greater and better things? They'll get to you, right after their current job is finished. These organizations, great as they might be, may not lack the familial tightness that holds a family together. If a child wanders, its mother will instinctively pursue, but if a member of an organization finds themselves stranded in space, will their organization put everything on hold and pursue them? Enter Eyes and Ears - Search and Rescue. Our sole devotion is to bring lost Noveans back to civilization. If our purpose hasn't yet been betrayed, we are in the broadest of terms, a rescue organization. Why Rescue? While Resurrection Nodes can return you to familiar territory and Blueprints might be handy to reconstruct your lost ship, we can all probably agree that some things just aren’t worth loosing. Maybe you put a lot of time into your ship and can't afford to rebuild it? Perhaps that ship is made of or carries a lot of resources which may or may not be particularly rare? Did you acquire your ship through questionable means while knowing that you would most certainly lose it if you abandoned it? Were you on a supply run and made a risky jump knowing your fuel was low? Was a vital element damaged in flight and now you are as spaceworthy as an asteroid? Does an item in your personal inventory make a forced respawn too much of a risk to chance loosing? These are the problems we aim to solve. Who we are looking for We have a variety of positions need filling by a variety of different people. From people who are active in discord that can act as dispatchers, to pilots experienced in commanding various craft, spreadsheet workers who can keep our data organized. We are also looking for organizations who would like to affiliate with us. If you provide some sort of service that you think would be useful to our organization and those that we serve, please send me a private message. How our affiliates will work is by getting a direct referral from us to everyone we provide our services to in exchange for our customers receiving a discount on your services. Our affiliates will also work with us since we will come to them first with our own needs (of which there may be many) in exchange for a discount on their service given our direct connection. All the details on these positions and more can be found on our websites hiring page. Speaking of website You can find it at eyesandearsrescue.org Originally almost 3,000 words, I've moved much of my post that would have gone here onto my organizations' website so as to keep this post a bit tidier. This post is more so meant to give a brief introduction rather than a full and complete overview. If you would like to join You can find us here on the community page. Eyes and Ears Community Page Join our Discord here. Eyes and Ears Discord If you have questions I implore you to please ask them. Not only will it help others who view this thread, but it will help others who view my F.A.Q page in the future. The only dumb question is a question never asked. If you need to contact me directly You can either private message me here on the forums, or ping me on the Unofficial DU Community Discord @DarkHorizon.
  3. First off amazing game, that needs to be said. Secondly apologies if this was already suggested. I recognize and applaud the decision to not allow industry on ships (why build a static construct when you can have a mobile factory) but I'd like to suggest introducing a mobile/dynamic fuel industry element and the same for a mobile scrap industry element that can be placed on dynamic cores. For balance you could restrict or reduce the output compared to its static counter-part, in the form of longer craft time/smaller output or decreased efficency. You could also limit the number of mobile elements by core size, until a suitable power system is in the game. From my point of view, it's benefits would be three fold; greater independence when exploring space/getting caught out less often out of fuel, something to do/manage during long space flights (I hope DU will get much bigger in the near future) and finally I think its fitting with sci-fi genre (deep space ships need to be able to autonomously refuel).
  4. okay, i've had this concept in mind for a while. i talked about it in the discord a few times but i figured i'd put it here as a landmark. the fuel system as it is works for it's current state, but i couldn't help to wonder about possibilities for increased complexity and user involvement. my new idea is to make fuel 'universal'. the process of making fuel would be the same for basic atmos and space fuel, but the individual components could be tweaked in a 'refinery' element, taking in raw materials and adjusting concentrations with sliders. for instance: say you want to make an enhanced form of atmos fuel, you'd add more carbon to the ratio and as a result, have a more powerful fuel, but less efficient. doing somethign crazy, you could use space fuel in an atmos engine to get some serious mileage out of it, but wreck it in the process. atmos fuel wouldn't work in space unless you had, say, a supply of oxgen to burn with it. regular space fuel would be a monopropellant, or just needing the fuel and some heat to get going, but inefficient. increasing efficiency by having either gaseous oxygen stored, or liquid if you have the tech for it. having supercoolant would also make iyt possible to use crazy powerful fuels in smaller engines. using some nutso afterburner fuel in a large engine would work fine, it has enough material to conduct the heat away, but if you tried to use it in a micro engine, it would explode without some form of coolant. it would allow you to make a small fighter that goes ridiculously fast. any further ideas/suggestions/tweaks are welcome. sincerely, Scyrus A. Pyro, Solar Empire
  5. Alright, now that I've got your attention, I'll explain in detail what exactly I mean by an asteroid Gas-station. So basically, what I've imagined in my head is a scenario where there's the asteroid belt of a solar system, and this is basically the Wild-West of Dual Universe (At least one of the Wild-Wests). In this scenario in my head, asteroids will be a rather lucrative business venture, where asteroids are full of rare elements to mine (Like real life) and they would also be full of ice (Like real life). In this thread: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10725-food-dispensers/page-2 I mentioned the idea of getting water in space by mining the Ice, and CaptainTwerk mentioned that that Ice would be full of isotopes, and that they could be useful for fusion. So imagine that you have a mining operation on an asteroid, and there's lots of Ice you have to mine through. There could be an element that basically filters the isotopes, like deuterium and tritium, which could be used for fusion fuel, and the rest of the ice can be used for same consumption. (Assuming people will eventually need water to survive in a future update.) I think this would lead to some interesting business ventures, where your mining operation can basically have a gas-starion (fuel-station) out in a desolate asteroid wasteland. While they're at it they might as well have a pub/motel to go along with it, and then a neat lil asteroid Wild-West themed town is born! I think this would be a creative way of making asteroids more practical for actually settling, and create a fun Wild-West atmosphere to deep space.
  6. Dear NQ, I would like to request you to publicize some values which would help calculate how many engines and how much fuel is necessary on a design. At max thrust, Force in kn each engine can exert Fuel consumption for each engine (l/s) Gravity in m/s^2 for a couple of planets Thank you! P.S.: this could not harm the game's reputation in any way, as it is just numbers that would be made public. It would not enable anyone to make a verdict on the game, as it says nothing of the quality of anything. The most it could do is impress ppl by the fact that those values actually exist, showing (or at least hinting) that this is a game based off of realistic physics.
  7. Agier


    Antimatter As some in the past have dabbled in antimatter, I thought I would go over its possible uses in the game. Though to function in the game we would need a particle collider, vacuum and a magnetic storage chamber. I do not know the math to calculate the energy output or its capabilities. (Because I’m not in university). Introducing antimatter into Dual Universe will supply the game with new fuels, energy sources, diversified economy, and advanced weaponry. New fuels and energy would benefit DU as only large organizations, or medium-small specialized organizations would be capable of producing sufficient supplies of antimatter. This will allow small organizations to have a relatively big economy, and would pressure other organizations to ally with the smaller organisations. Antimatter could be used as a propellent in rockets and spacecraft alike, with NASA stating that “10 milligrams of positrons are needed for a human Mars mission.” The money and resources to develop and store the antimatter is significant more than the average rocket; that is because we have not yet developed technology to generate, store, and use antimatter efficiently. To develop sufficient supplies, there needs to be large planet, or satellite based particle colliders in the DU universe; there could also be the introduction of small particle colliders, for large flag/capital ships. It would also be highly impractical to have small fighters running on antimatter, unless their purpose was to ram into larger ships. Other than the collider, you would just need a very small amount of hydrogen to fly for a long period of time. Producing energy from antimatter would only be possible if there was more energy being produced then wasted accelerating the hydrogen. Antimatter could work as a way for alliances, and uprisings to happen. It is obvious that large organizations would be able to produce absurd amounts of antimatter. But it's the fact that small organizations could be able to specialize in antimatter; this could increase the possibility of mid sized organizations allying with small organizations creating an alliance that can displace larger organizations. Though there still is the fact that the largest organizations will always have an upper hand because of their sheer numbers. My favorite possibility are the possible weapons that could be made. Antimatter annihilation is not enough, I am talking about generating black holes. Apparently if particle collisions go wrong there is a possibility of a black hole being generated. As Kurzgesagt touched on, if a black hole with an incredibly small mass appeared a “decently big explosion would occur.” Inside DU a small generated black hole explosion would do practically nothing, but if maybe there was a way to accelerate denser elements than hydrogen, or large chunks of elements, could create a supermassive black hole explosion destroying entire fleets. (Though this could be a problem if people started reenacting Alderaan) The development of these weapons could be made illegal among alliances, and organizations, giving any organization in possession of these weapons, sanctions, or terrorist status. In DU, antimatter could act as a way to spice up gameplay abit. (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)
  8. NQ said that the game will have lots of types of fuels, so why not have fuels that are in real life?
  9. No introduction. Just sit back and scream. Fuel is a item that can be put in engines and be used to produce thrust. There are also different kinds of fuels as well, each with different attributes. THRUST/FORCE is how much thrust is produced. MINIMUM/MAXIMUM HEAT is the range where the fuel is stable (below the minimum heat threshold, there is a severe debuff to THRUST/FORCE, and above it the fuel becomes explosive) COMPRESSION is how much fuel can be crammed into a voxel/storage unit. LUMINOSITY is how much light is produced. NOISE is obviously how much noise is produced. STABILITY is how much the fuel can be generally handled (G-forces/acceleration, heat, pressure, has access to oxygen, reactive, ect) FUEL TYPE is where the fuel is liquid, gas, solid, antimatter, hopes and dreams, whatever makes your engine run. ENGINES also greatly influence this. MAXIMUM/MINIMUM HEAT are temperatures where it can operate safely. FUEL TYPE ACCEPTABILITY determines what kind of fuel can be put in (No solids in the gas, please!). Some engines can be hybrid. FEED RATE is how much fuel can flow through it. FLASH HIDER is how much the luminosity is dampened. SILENCER silences the noise considerably. Lets discuss. ^VOID^ FUEL Stats THRUST FORCE is how much thrust is produced. It is controlled by a percentage, 0% being off, 50% at normal power, and 100% at max safety levels, and 200% for overdrive. FUEL TYPE is what kind of fuel can be put in (No diesel in gas, or antimatter in hydrogen thrusters) FLOW RATE is a bottleneck. The higher the number the better. (An engine without enough "feed rate." will not be able to use the thrust at 100%.) GAS/RESIDUE is how much greenhouse gases is produced (for potential future updates.) Fuel Types Classical ELECTRIC is considered a fuel for all electronics. Used for most engines (Steam-Punk lovers don't need them) GAS is a type of fuel type that has a loveable flow-rate but is generally more violent when it explodes. LIQUID is a fuel type which has a normal flow rate, but generally burns quickly instead of exploding. Usually has the most Thrust:Cost ratio. SOLID is a fuel type which has very little flowrate, but has sheer power. Usually resistant to burning/exploding. PHOTON is a fuel type which involves directing photon to produce thrust (photons have mass). Overheats somewhat quick. GRAVITATIONAL is a fuel type which is extraordinarily dense, which is controlled by electrical currents. (Similar to Space Engineer's gravity drive.) The fuel and electricity is used up to produce thrust, preventing voiding the Law of Thermodynamics. Much more effective for "slingshot maneuvers" and known for it's usage in artificial gravity. Biofuel Biofuel is fuel that can be grown in vats, requiring immense amounts of sunlight and nutrients extracted from soil. ALGAE can be used for compact fueling, and certain types can be eaten with extremely high calories:volume ratio. Must be put in a type of liquid to be mobile. FUNGAL is much more potent than algae, but can grow almost anywhere (space-fungus anyone?). Produces harmful spores that can be protected from. BACTERIAL is the "Mix" of Algae and Fungal. Can grow in most places, and quite compact. WASTE/METHANE can be harnessed from various animals. Antimatter ANTIMATTER is a fuel which completely decimates any Avatar close enough to it. ELECTRICAL ANTIMATTER produces shockwaves of EMP out of it's thrust exhaust, but does not need energy to run and will never overheat, staying at a frosty 0.0001 Kelvin. Sometimes put near supercomputers due to the sheer cooling power, if one is careful. GAS ANTIMATTER (Anti-Hydrogen for example) is a fuel that has no limit to flow-rate, but causes faster overheating. LIQUID ANTIMATTER warps the looks around the engine, and still has the highest thrust:cost ratio. SOLID ANTIMATTER is actually needed for Warp-Drives and Stargates. Using it on an engine causes constant "teleportation fractures" (random warping from a few meters, but never hitting anything) if it is overheating. *removed ANOMALY FUEL due to well, it's a shit idea* ENGINE Stats OVERDRIVE EFFICIENCY indicates how long the engine can run before overheating. FUEL TYPE is what kind of fuel can be put in. ENGINE TYPE also determines what must be done before the engine can start/go above 50% power. NOISE is generally how much noise is made. Components NOZZLE decreases FLOW RATE but increases THRUST RATE. COMBUSTION TANK increases the amount of fuel that can be loaded. COLORIZER allows the trail to be any color you want.
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