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  1. Thats an option, although I might not have been clear on what I was intending. Wrote the original post pretty late 😁 I dont think they should make general industry available on dynamic cores. I was think just fuel and scrap, the idea would be that those they are also a self contained refinery. So you pop ore in and get fuel (or scrap back), they should be fairly inefficient, only produce 50% of the output over twice as long, i.e. Its better to use static industry to produce your main fuel, but if you find yourself out at a planet without the fuel to get home it could be a boon 😁
  2. First off amazing game, that needs to be said. Secondly apologies if this was already suggested. I recognize and applaud the decision to not allow industry on ships (why build a static construct when you can have a mobile factory) but I'd like to suggest introducing a mobile/dynamic fuel industry element and the same for a mobile scrap industry element that can be placed on dynamic cores. For balance you could restrict or reduce the output compared to its static counter-part, in the form of longer craft time/smaller output or decreased efficency. You could also limit the number of
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