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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, Long time fan and player since the last alpha. Let me start out by saying this game has so much potential and is already in a fairly enjoyable and playable state. I don't want to comment on stuff like performance and bug fixes since many have pointed this out already and I think DU staff have their priorities on getting this on-rails asap. I want to talk about communication mostly, and immersion, and I get the second subject might be a bit further down the line: Communication - critique: One of the things I always think impacts general inte
  2. So I've been playing DU for about two weeks now and I would like to live my feedback since its still beta. Overall the game has huge potential, but some concepts needs some good amount of work and planning. I want to point out some topics that in my opinion would greatly improve the game. Remove predictability of ores in planets. As of now the community mapped out, which ore is in which planet at what depth range. That leads to safe zone Moons been mined out of higher tier ores. That makes will eventually make it even less fun for players that come along la
  3. Even though I haven’t played the game myself yet,I’ve noticed something within the discord server these past days since the release of beta that I would like to bring up,specifically regarding constructive criticism and feedback of DU. I’ll try to keep this as short and as straight to the point as I can. I’ve noticed that a few or couple of alpha backers would dogpile and look down on newcomers who give any sort of constructive criticism and feedback to the game. I won’t name names and point fingers for obvious reasons. This is something I’m highly against as constructive criticism an
  4. Hi everyone! A new Devblog has been released on Territory Protection Mechanics: you can find it here! As we plan to post now all DevBlog articles directly on the website, we will have one dedicated topic per Devblog. Feel free to give your feedback in the present topic for "Our thoughts on Territory Protection Mechanics". Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  5. I'm a fan of space games (played Elite Dangerous MMO for over two years now and, personally, think the devs are passionate about the game and care what the players think). I have been looking at Dual Universe (DU) with interest, but have yet to become a backer. My review of the DU website (including this forum) leaves me with mixed feelings, although I would be the first to admit that I know very little about DU. The concept art and trailers look great, but there are some elements that cause me to hesitate getting behind the game. For example: I was underwhelmed by the
  6. Regarding the icon layout and functional consistency of these forums... There are these "voice bubble" icons in front of thread titles that look very similar to the voice bubbles in front of forum area titles. Issue: Inconsistent behavior The icon in front of the forum titles marks ALL threads inside that forum read. The icon in front of the thread titles jumps to the first unread posting. Multiple times now I accidentally marked whole forum areas read, because I intuitively clicked on that icon. Possible solutions, ordered by personal prefer
  7. Hi, This is rather question to our community manager (I summon @NQ-Nyzaltar !), but you can respond too Community portal is fun and very interesting in terms of community growth, but it lacks some purely technical features - for me two main concerns are: impossibility to edit replies in topic, lack of customize titles for corp members (who is director, who is legate, who is line member and so on...) and "flat" structure of organisations - we already have have powerful coalitions, but they function like "normal" corporations, being different type. I can point few more requests, but
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