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  1. Really eager to see this in action. Just to make sure I understand correctly: element destruction also occurs when crashing, or is it only when taking damage in PvP? If so, I love it even more, since this will make you think twice in regards to flying and manouvering etc. Also love the idea of Tiers of elements. Great addition! To all the people who say: 'Focus on bugs first'. They probably have seperate teams that dedicate themselves to bugs and performance issues, and other teams for features etc.
  2. Hi there, Long time fan and player since the last alpha. Let me start out by saying this game has so much potential and is already in a fairly enjoyable and playable state. I don't want to comment on stuff like performance and bug fixes since many have pointed this out already and I think DU staff have their priorities on getting this on-rails asap. I want to talk about communication mostly, and immersion, and I get the second subject might be a bit further down the line: Communication - critique: One of the things I always think impacts general inte
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