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Found 5 results

  1. The community has been pretty barren right now, nobody is really doing/talking about anything. I know NQ is doing a lot of back end changes (which I totally agree on) , but would it hurt to add a lump of coal to the dying fire? it's not like i'm asking for something super extensive or advanced, just something which takes very little dev time that would keep us entertained for a while, such as: Adding a t4/t5 meganode in PvP space and deliberately leaking the co-ords buffing/nerfing some elements for a limited amount of time, eg reducing weapon range by 200%
  2. I wanted to talk not about any particular, concluded NQ-made events, but more about their overall direction and organization in future. Can we expect?.. 1) Prior anouncement (at least week before start, better - two). 2) Scheduling on week-end. 3) Inclusion of long-term events, where players can meaningfully participate in active stage in duration of several days or even week. 4) Inclusion of more solo/new players friendly events, where they doing more individual goals, not being clearly pitted against groups of veterans. What else do people
  3. Die Mystic Dynasty hat sich folgende Bereiche zur Aufgabe gemacht: 1. Mining und Expansion 2. Schiffsbau und Design 3. Produktion und Forschung 4. Schiffshandel und Marketing Was wir dir bieten können: 1. Industrie auf Alioth 2. Discord für gemütliche Unterhaltungen. 3. Projekte innerhalb der einzelnen Bereiche sowie Corpweite Events. 4. Einführung in Dual Universe für Neulinge 5. Voxelmancy 6. LUA Programmierung 7. Du hast Familie kein Problem Das erwarten wir von dir: 1. Frustresistenz -
  4. I'm thinking along the lines of Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, Dust clouds, Random floating things in space (e.g. Proceedurally generated space junk) and Dark matter globs. Anyone know if they are going to be in the game? And whether or not these can interact with planets like huge meteor impact that a city might want to preemptively stop? Personally I like that kind of thing, but whether or not its in the scope of this game is another question
  5. RED HAT SYSTEMS This topic, sponsored by Red Hat Systems, aims to inform players about the LUA scripting side of the game and clarify the facts. KNOWN ELEMENTS Propulsion Engines, Fuel Tanks, Cockpit, Navigation Instruments, Doors, Weapons, Batteries, Containers, Accelerometers, Radars, Targeters, Drone Bay, Elevator, Inclinometer (Gyroscope), and last but not least… CONTROLS UNITS / DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING UNITS Control Units – A control unit is the computer hardware, whereas the DPU (Distributed Processing Unit) is the computer's software. In fact, every element in the game will ha
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