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Found 8 results

  1. PIMP MY IRON CONTEST The tried and true Iron Stalwart that is available at the UEF Ship Shops is needing some pimping out! This steady and ready ship has hauled and crashed many of the very first ore hauling flights for some Noveans. We salute you Iron Stalwart, but it's time for a little bling bling in your fuel tank. Contest Details: In this competition you will be paying tribute to the Iron Stalwart and will need to keep it still looking like its original form. 1) First things first, head over to The Exchange just outside the red hall and grab yourself a free Iron Stalwart! Please note: Make sure you are not in VR when you get your free Iron Stalwart, you will not be able to carry all of the parts! If you prefer to buy it directly from one of the UEF Ship Shops, don't forget that you will need to bring just over 7 million quanta in your wallet with you for the purchase. 2) Get to pimping out that Iron, but make sure to follow these rules (or your entry will be disqualified): It needs to remain themed as the Iron Stalwart and stay the same core size. If we cannot recognize it as a tribute to the Iron Stalwart, then the entry will not be accepted. There must be at least one L container (It can be any tier, if you want a rare L container in it - go for it!) A portion of the L container must be visible and accessible from the outside. (This can be a corner, a side, just as long as from the outside it can be targeted.) Use any honeycomb type you would like, but do not go over 500m3 total honeycomb. 3) When you have finished styling out the Iron Stalwart, submit your design using this form. (One entry per Novean.) 4) Approved entries will be shown on the parking lot of the red hall of The Exchange for judging. (Think of it as an Iron Stalwart ship show!) 5) All contest entries must be received by Monday, March 25th, 2024 @ 18:00 UTC Please note: Once you submit your newly redesigned Stalwart, that means that no more changes will be made to it. Please make sure your Stalwart is complete before submitting your information on the entry form. Prizes: First place will have their pimped out version of the Iron Stalwart located in the center of The Exchange, along with a dispenser to put it on sale with all proceeds going to the winner. They will also get a special in-game title and a 30-day game time code. Second place receives a 30-day game time code. Third place receives a warp drive. If you're wondering where the very cool platform that rotates the Iron Stalwart is from, that is a player-made item by the folks over at Hadron (Specifically RyanPryde and Jeronimo), go definitely check it out! We are looking forward to seeing all the pimped out Iron Stalwarts Noveans!
  2. Calling All Bot Builders! Do you like robots? How about a challenge to build a bot with specific material requirements? Then read on as this is the contest for you! Welcome to the DU BOT BUILD OFF CONTEST! We want you to feel the spark of inspiration, knock the rust off your imagination, and polish up your building skills. Show us your most amazing robot creations! Are you ready for this challenge? We hope so, because this is also a nanocrafter only challenge. This means that the materials you use can all be crafted in your nanocrafter (no industry objects/materials permitted). Also, because you like challenges right? We’re only allowing a certain amount of elements and honeycomb you can use on your robot creations. Are you ready? Bot on! Deadline: Friday June 2nd @ 20:00 UTC (4:00 PM New York/Toronto time) Please click this link for the Entry form Construct Rules & Specifications Please make sure to check your bot constructs so that they meet the requirements below to be eligible: One (1) XS Dynamic Core Unit Up to 100 Nano-craftable Elements - Including XS Dynamic Core Unit and the 6 light sources. Six (6) Light Sources - XS lighting elements only Up to 60m3 Nano-craftable Honeycomb material in total What can you win? First Prize - Your very own unique in-game title “Brilliant Bot Builder” and three months of game time. Two (2) runner ups will each receive one month of game time. Once your entry has been submitted and reviewed to make sure it meets all of the bot requirements, they will be put on display near the display at The Exchange located here: ::pos{0,2,24.7050,99.0905,147.7182} and you can also VR by searching for: DU Bot Build Off Display Area Happy building Noveans. we look forward to seeing what kind of bots you can create!
  3. Well, in early days the community page was used for all kinds of news and warfare, it would be nice to have it back also so that organizations can present themselves and for the attached mail box, atleast if we get that back also. Is there a timeline for the return of it?
  4. The community has been pretty barren right now, nobody is really doing/talking about anything. I know NQ is doing a lot of back end changes (which I totally agree on) , but would it hurt to add a lump of coal to the dying fire? it's not like i'm asking for something super extensive or advanced, just something which takes very little dev time that would keep us entertained for a while, such as: Adding a t4/t5 meganode in PvP space and deliberately leaking the co-ords buffing/nerfing some elements for a limited amount of time, eg reducing weapon range by 200% for a week, or changing the maximum speed in space (and if it's good keep it) turning the shipwreck event/ previous events back on adding a small planet 500-1000+ su (out of warp range) from any other planet, which would be full to the brim with good ores. (idk how long it takes to make planets, but i'm guessing you have a program to generate one)
  5. I wanted to talk not about any particular, concluded NQ-made events, but more about their overall direction and organization in future. Can we expect?.. 1) Prior anouncement (at least week before start, better - two). 2) Scheduling on week-end. 3) Inclusion of long-term events, where players can meaningfully participate in active stage in duration of several days or even week. 4) Inclusion of more solo/new players friendly events, where they doing more individual goals, not being clearly pitted against groups of veterans. What else do people want? Fire away, we now have CMs that like to read our ideas and feedback ?
  6. Die Mystic Dynasty hat sich folgende Bereiche zur Aufgabe gemacht: 1. Mining und Expansion 2. Schiffsbau und Design 3. Produktion und Forschung 4. Schiffshandel und Marketing Was wir dir bieten können: 1. Industrie auf Alioth 2. Discord für gemütliche Unterhaltungen. 3. Projekte innerhalb der einzelnen Bereiche sowie Corpweite Events. 4. Einführung in Dual Universe für Neulinge 5. Voxelmancy 6. LUA Programmierung 7. Du hast Familie kein Problem Das erwarten wir von dir: 1. Frustresistenz - "Es ist eine Beta, Bugs kommen und gehen... manche nennt man auch Features " 2. Lust am Miteinander in der Corp sowie Corp Beteiligung. 3. Mindestens 18+ 4. Discord beteiligung. Melde dich im Discord https://discord.gg/fqqRbHa bei derSchotte, KABOOM, ChipDE oder AepicA
  7. I'm thinking along the lines of Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, Dust clouds, Random floating things in space (e.g. Proceedurally generated space junk) and Dark matter globs. Anyone know if they are going to be in the game? And whether or not these can interact with planets like huge meteor impact that a city might want to preemptively stop? Personally I like that kind of thing, but whether or not its in the scope of this game is another question
  8. RED HAT SYSTEMS This topic, sponsored by Red Hat Systems, aims to inform players about the LUA scripting side of the game and clarify the facts. KNOWN ELEMENTS Propulsion Engines, Fuel Tanks, Cockpit, Navigation Instruments, Doors, Weapons, Batteries, Containers, Accelerometers, Radars, Targeters, Drone Bay, Elevator, Inclinometer (Gyroscope), and last but not least… CONTROLS UNITS / DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING UNITS Control Units – A control unit is the computer hardware, whereas the DPU (Distributed Processing Unit) is the computer's software. In fact, every element in the game will have a built-in DPU. The difference between control units and other elements is that the control units exist specifically to run player-customized DPU's, whilst the DPU's embedded in other elements are not customizable. DPU's will be distributed (sold, copied, transferred, etc) in black boxes. Think of the black box as a USB Memory Stick. Only a single black box can be inserted into a control unit at any one time, however a construct (ship, car, boat, factory, etc) can have many control units and therefore many black boxes. The black box is therefore simply a transport mechanism for the DPU. More on black boxes later. Each DPU will be capable of emitting events (standard pre-defined events written by the devs and also player-defined events written in LUA) and exposing executable functions (again, predefined + custom). The DPU will also have a collection of event handlers (again, predefined + custom: you get the idea). An event handler simply listens out for events, and then executes a function if a player-defined expression evaluates as true. Each DPU has multiple slots where other elements can be plugged into (Think of USB Ports). KNOWN EVENTS (EXAMPLES) self.radar1.enemyAt(x,y,z) KNOWN FUNCTIONS (EXAMPLES) self.inclinometer2.getRoll() self.Inclinometer4.getPitch() self.engine1.setPower(100) self.weapon7.fire() In the example events and functions above, “self” is simply a Lua keyword that implies the code is referring to its own scope. “radar1”, “weapon7”, etc are the names of the slot that is emitting the event or is being targeted to execute a function. “getRoll()” is an example of a function being invoked (safe to assume it will return a numeric value with roll angle). SYSTEM DPU The system DPU is rather special. It handles user input (emit event when a key is pressed) and also controls the flow of procedural code (as opposed to event driven) via the use of timers. I.E you could call system.setTimer(0.1) and provide a function that will be invoked every 100 milliseconds. Another awesome feature of the system API – Customizable GUI! That's right, via calls to system you can customize the games GUI. BLACK BOX/COMPONENT DPU A Component DPU is an element that you, as a programmer, will be selling to other players. It will abstract the functionality of your custom DPU into what can be seen as a compiled library. The end user will be able to consume your functions and events without seeing the underlying code. If the end-user is another programmer then they can use your Component DPU as a module to write their own Component DPU which requires your Component DPU in order to work. If the end-user is not a developer they can either drag and drop the required functionality via a simple UI, or they can make use of an auto-configure system (Think Plug and Play). SUMMARY What the devs have done here is give us access to the very tools they themselves use to build the game. When you use a Propulsion Engine, its functionality was written by the devs in the same way a player might customize a DPU. The Propulsion Engine has its own pre-defined fully functional DPU inside it. By introducing the concept of Control Units we as players can fully mod the game, from within the game. If we don't like the way the Propulsion Engine handles, that's fine, we can just overide the behaviour with our own code. The same for almost every element in the game. The devs has basicly created an in-game IoT (Internet-of-Things). This system literally redefines Emergent Gameplay, in fact it laughs in the face of Emergent Gameplay. Nothing else comes close. Intrigued? Love to code, or hungry to learn? Join the most advanced organization in Dual Universe. Red Hat Systems needs you!
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