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  1. https://massivelyop.com/2020/01/13/dual-universe-shares-its-latest-narrative-tale-and-shows-off-community-creations/ Wow I am super excited to see an article come out from Massively OP earlier today! It says volumes that out of the many public community pictures they decided to showcase one of New Genesis' ships. NQ gives us the tools and freedom to express our ideas and we are ecstatic that our hard work paid off. Super proud! This is what can be done if you join up with an active organization, keep your members happy and overall strive to create amazing things in the DU verse.
  2. Join us today if your looking for an active community to play with during Alpha 2.
  3. discordauth:6Sz8aLx53l740t-cFta4hELMF3z5m9a37n0hEQbf5Y8=

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