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  1. Are there any updates on LUA screens? The new LUA API for screen content is great but is missing important features such as text rotation and the ability to draw polygons. Is more time scheduled to work on this feature. Are there still no specific dates for disabling/removing HTML screens? Related feature request:
  2. Currently it is not possible using the new LUA screen functions to rotate text. As a result, is it is not possible to have a screen in portrait orientation with text. The only way to add text using the new functions is addText(layer, font, text, x, y) But the documentation states that this function does not support rotation Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/GHxK0w8 Documentation: Text rotation is essential, I won't be able to convert my existing content over without it. Can this be added a priority? Thanks
  3. I'm totally down for constructive discussion about how we could improve the performance of screen updates. But the existing HTML/CSS support must remain in some form.
  4. When creating artwork, you use familiar tools like Adobe Illustrator. That's how I created the Bacterium pets and then I used CSS to animate them and make them breathe. If I can't import vectors to display them on screen then I cannot work with my existing tools. You'll find that many other creators will share my feelings on this.
  5. For those that havent read: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/22565-changes-to-lua-screen-units/ My entire range of products in-game is based on HTML screens and CSS animations. It would not be feasible to rewrite them in any amount of time that would make it worthwhile. The new LUA based drawing features are extremely limited. For example, a large part of what makes my Bacterium product look realistic is the use of CSS animation on SVGs. Most crucially, the ability to use existing skillset (HTML/CSS) and familiar tools (SVG creation outside of the game e.g. Adobe Illustrator) are what make my products possible within the already tight limitations of DU. I don't want to be dramatic, because I know its important to be constructive when giving feedback but if you remove support for HTML on screens, I'm out. Hundreds of hours of work will have been wasted and the key element that attracted me to this game will have been lost. HTML/CSS is an existing technology that attracts creators becuase they can use existing skillsets. Removing it is too greater loss. If anyone else feels this way, please comment below. EDIT Can I just give an example of the sort of thing I am regularly doing on screens so you can understand how unachievable it will be using the new LUA commands: My Bacterium product (https://du-creators.org/makers/NoxCorp/ship/NoxCorp Bacterium) uses animated SVGs inside <DIV> containers that are then animated to move around and transformed in 3 dimensions using CSS. This can all be achieved in around 30,000 characters of HTML/SVG markup and CSS. There are no amount of "useful drawing commands" that can offer this kind of flexibility.
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  7. Hey guys, I got my alpha 1 access email yesterday. So excited to finally play the game for the first time. It's been about a year since I backed the project and I've been watching progress on YT. DU's mix of building, economy and PvP is literally my dream game. I don't normally back stuff but this one really got my attention. Please validate my post so I can get into Discord and meet you all properly Thanks Robbie
  8. discordauth:n88SJB93_-Hx8DFtTyXTIrlPZYj7E7nZksbP8uu7iak=

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