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  1. I don't have any ideas of what I will build other than what I have already done in Space Engineers, though DU has some differences when it comes to building tools. At first I will probably build mostly hover vehicles, assuming they will be cheaper than actual ships.
  2. I want to try everything, not sure what I will end up specializing in. I do enjoy building, and exploring, and even PVP on occasion. I'm not much interested in trade but may try it anyway. At first I'm sure I'll be mostly building and helping an organization to build a base/city.
  3. Hi, I'm Haunty. I joined Alpha Academy because I don't want to be solo in alpha/beta since the multiplayer element needs testing, but I also don't want to commit to an organization so early before the game is released.
  4. But I like aminals U_U I think animals would be an interesting dynamic if it doesn't hurt performance, especially if animals required certain things to survive so they can only live in certain biomes, and you could capture them and put them into pens, and take them on ships to other planets. People would inevitably do ridiculous things with them like drop them from the sky and eject them into space.
  5. I have not played it in a year or more. I heard about them releasing new stuff, but not sure what it is or if they did.
  6. I always liked sci-fi/space games, Homeworld was my first favorite, Descent 3 got me into FPS, Eve-Online got me into MMO. From there, Planetside and Planetside 2, Space Engineers got me into voxel/building. DU is the natural next step for me since it combines a lot of what I like. I like pvp/co-op games, especially without NPCs. I hate grinding by destroying NPCs, finding resources isn't as much of a grind for me. More recently I branched out into episodic story-driven games, Life is Strange being the only one that I really got into so far.
  7. I was just reminded of star trek, I still don't know how stardate actually works. I like the before and after collision idea. For time coordination something simple that can be translated to real-life time would be nice.
  8. Hello. Have you played any other voxel building games before? Even if you find out you don't enjoy building things it sounds like you can just buy pre-made ships/blueprints. And programming/scripting is not necessary, just something that is available to customize functions afaik.
  9. Hi, I'm fairly new also. I've read something about a Discord; here it is: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/828-du-discord-community/
  10. I remember goon and bob wars and fought bob as part of fountain alliance. What a lag-fest.
  11. I backed this game because it combines my favorite elements from other games I play/have played. I am a big fan of Space Engineers but am frustrated with its multiplayer abilities. No Man's Sky (yes I play it) and Elite Dangerous have vast universes, but no multiplayer in NMS and multiplayer is diluted in Elite. Eve-Online was my dream-game back in 2003, but I burned out on that and now it is DU. I played Planetside 1 and 2 for years and like the territory control element and pure mmo with no NPCs. I usually don't join organizations before experiencing the game, so will wait until alpha/beta before thinking about that.
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